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Getting Comfortable With My Sexuality
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Finding out that you’re gay, bisexual or lesbian isn’t always easy. Finding your way to yourself takes a lot of going out the box and your comfort zone. I have been through it. Here's my story.


Contributor: FantasyMonroe

I think finding your sexuality is a great thing, I had the same issues and concerns around that age. I was in middle school and my mothers "friend" used to bring her friends daughter over since we were the same age, she stayed the entire spring break. I was feeling her in the beginning, gorgeous female with a athletic build.Everything would be fine while we were hanging out but come night both of us were curious, by day 3 we were all over each other. We eventually started dating and then I realized I was bisexual because I still liked men. It took me till high school to tell my mother and the only way to do it was to tell her while her "friend" was in the car. I said mom I have something to tell you, we stop at a red light and she looks at me and I tell her i'm bisexual. I knew she couldn't get 2 mad because her "friend" was waaaaaay more than a friend and I knew that for a fact so that was my easy way of telling her.

Contributor: Chefbriapink

great article as well! boy you just keep getting better!



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