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Good Pain versus Bad Pain: BDSM and Chronic Pain

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So, should I start with BDSM or my chronic pain? They are both so intertwined into my being that I don't know how to unknot them from each other.


Oh My God! You summed it up so well and it's so simple when you think about it. I don't sleep and I hurt, I have zero energy or will to actually accomplish anything. If I sleep my pain is much less and I have energy! Like you I tend to relax and enter a deep and restful sleep after a good flogging.
My therapist was quick to point out that the good feelings don't last after a though this is supposed to be a magical cure. It's not! It's a jolt of chemistry for my brain.

Thank you for writing this article because I really was wondering what the hell was going on and why I always felt like the world had such brighter edges after a night of really rough sex. I'm not sick, I don't think that I deserve to be ill used or anything like that...but it does help! I am more cheerful, less dull, and more energetic. ...and now, quite possibly I know why!


Airen_wolf, some people's doctors who are kink friendly actually prescribe kink for them as treatment!


very well explained. I have fibro also. I never correlated the two. I have always been aware that BDSM has emotional benefits for me, but had not thought of the physical. Love the serotonin from sex in general, but this takes it a step further.


I can relate to this article; I have a rare pancreatic illness called Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction which really puts a dent in my life. I wasn't aware that there were some doctors that would prescribe kink activities to their patients. Why the Hell haven't I encountered any like that?!


While reading this article I had more than one "duh-oh" and "lightbulb" moment.

This explains so much in why I feel SO great after sub-space days. I am going to talk to my fibro specialist about this at my next appointment. (and suggest she set up a dungeon in the back of her clinic next to the myofacia treatment table.)


Thank you! This article sums it up so well, I am passing it on



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