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How Young Is Too Young?

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Following up on my last article I wanted to make a point that I do not believe that every raging hormone, sex crazed, young teenager should be having sex. The people I preached for were that of ages 20 or higher. But here is now an interesting point: how young is too young for teens to be sexually active?


I love your point about not being able to stop teens from being sexually active so it's better to make sure they are educated about it. I wrote an article recently about that, thought I like the way you worded it much better. I personally became sexually active with a partner at the age of 16 and went into it uneducated because my parents choose to tell me to wait until I was married, that was the end of that conversation. Thankfully I quickly realized the internet will help my SO and I.

As for your question about the right age? I think it depends on the person/couple. Sometimes I feel that 16 is too young so certainly no younger than that. Sex comes with responsibilities and (usually) emotional ties that the other participant just isn't up for. At 14, 15, and 16 I wasn't emotionally prepared for the attachment sex creates for some people.

Please check out my article My "No Sex" Education if you get a chance!


I was 14 and we didn't love each other but I don't regret it.


I don't think there is a single age that you can specifically say, "Yes, that's when everyone can start becoming sexually active." People are too different for that. I was ready at 14, and my experience was wonderful - it wasn't drug or alcohol induced and it wasn't a situation where I was a victim. I've never regretted becoming sexually active at 14, and I never will. My cousin, on the other hand, was 16 when she was talked into sex by her boyfriend. Two years later and she was not yet ready. But she and I are very different people.

Age is a good indicator of maturity - but it isn't foolproof. And age is not the determining factor in whether or not a person is ready to become sexually active, maturity is. The law may give a person the right to decide for themselves at 16 or 17, but even then some people are not ready. Their emotional maturity just isn't there yet. You just can't lump every person of a certain age together to determine what is good for them - age is nothing but a measure of how long a person has been out of the womb. Maturity is what matters, but unfortunately there is no easy way to measure it.


Kayletta, I definitely agree with your point but the reason I'm talking about specific ages is because mot people at young ages are no where near as mature as they need to be to experience sex the way t should be. I think you're right about the fact that it is about maturity but age is a big factor in that as well. Age, experience, maturity, they're all factors that are one in the same when you're talking about this subject.


I completely understand what you mean! kids now a days think they should do it being so young but so many of them dont understand the consequences to the actions theyre making. they dont understand how much they may regret it when they mature.



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