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My "No Sex" Education

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Is abstinence really the best way? Find out how the Abstinence Only approach to sex education has impacted my life and what I'm doing about it. Get my tips on your recovery and how to teach your teens about sex.


Contributor: Wild<3

I definitely like your points! While I didn't grow up in a religious home I did grow up in a "we don't talk about these kinds of thing" home. But at the same time I was too afraid to look at things on the internet, feeling perverted and awkward about it.
I didn't start researching until I was about 17 or eighteen. Now that I'm older I really have no reservations about sex, but I really feel like teens today need to know what they're dealing with. The world has to realize that being hush hush isn't helping anything but they're sensitive ears.

Contributor: ShadowedSeductress

I dealt with feeling guilty about looking stuff up, it's terrible to feel awkward or guilty about trying to learn our bodies! I was close to 17 when I started looking it up. I am such a nerd now. Anything I'm curious about or wish to improve I look it up! I can't imagine letting my future kids feel helpless and confused. I know it won't ever be something I'm excited about, but better they have a safe, healthy, and pleasurable sex life. I don't really have reservations either. Only recently getting into sex toys and I am loving the new experience!



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