Society » Sexuality; Relationships » LGBTQ, The Law: "SexIs Subjective: The Separation of Church and State...When it suits us."

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SexIs Subjective: The Separation of Church and State...When it suits us.

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At 14 years old, I thought the government was never going to let me marry another woman...At 21, I'm fighting a battle to allow myself, my friends, and my family to marry who they want--a battle of human rights that shouldn't even be an issue.


Contributor: Chefbriapink

Great article! Ya took the words right out of my mind; saves me from writing an article lol. Great job!

Contributor: VanillaFreeSex

there is no separation of church and state. the legal issues of being denied a govt. recognized marriage is something that many people are not aware of. my ex-"wife" and i had to spend alot of money and time to have legal documents drawn up to give us as much protection and legitimacy as possible. there are many legal issues that are absolutely unattainable without a state and federal recognition however. and if the relationship ends, it's just as expensive to undo all the paperwork as it is to get a divorce. i have known so many couples that didn't even realize what they needed to do to be able to do such important things as visit their partner in the hospital, much less make medical decisions. no matter how accepting family is, NEVER assume that you are going to get respect when it really matters. and unfortunately even when you are prepared legally things can still be contested. without the papers we had done if i had ended up incapacitated, my parents would of been my next of kin. people i hadn't spoke to in years would of been able to come in and deny her even being able to see me much less allow the person who truly knew me to make decisions if i was unable to.

Contributor: MidnightStorm

@Storm Elliott - Your story is exactly the point I was trying to make. It's horrible how difficult it is to obtain basic legal rights in a relationship because of your gender! If the government is going to be involved (and due all the technicalities of our legal & health systems, it almost has to be), then marriage should be, for legal purposes, a strictly legal process. And in that situation, it's not the law's job to decide who I can or cannot marry: only to give me (or you!) the rights I deserve.

I'm sorry to hear what a mess things were for you... I really hope that in the next 10 years, stories like yours will disappear as more and more states allow gay marriage.