Society » Culture, Sexuality: "SexIs Subjective: Why can't I be a Wookie, too?"

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SexIs Subjective: Why can't I be a Wookie, too?

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What if men went out dressed in themed boxer-briefs and capes for Halloween and it was women that wore scary and silly costumes? Why isn't it like that to begin with? After all, isn't the adult portion of Halloween about having fun more than anything else?


Contributor: K101

Nice! I enjoyed reading this from a male's perspective. I'm one of the women who really get annoyed that all women's costumes are sexualized. I've looked my head off, and yet again, I'm resorting to a DIY version of something cool, neat and awesome for Halloween. I want super hero that shows a woman can be super without her ass doing the majority of the super hero job. I actually have not seen any decent women's costumes. As for men, you know it didn't occur to me that all adults men and women are basically screwed in this dept. Lol. I guess you guys have little options too.

Personally, I understand Halloween is fun for all ages, but we focus in my area, as Halloween being for the kids, so there's no way anything overly sexual would be that appropriate for anyone here going out and walking the streets in, but I did see some VERY provacative ones last Halloween.

You mentioned a few reasons why many women do actually like dressing so revealling for Halloween. It's because Halloween gives us an excuse. We can go out nude and you know what? Nobody says a thing. While it would be inapproprite to wear nothing but a pair of panties and pasties to walk the streets in most areas on Halloween night, I doubt many people would say much if it's a female. It's accepted and to be downright blunt, Halloween is one time a year where we have the "right" and excuse to do it without serious judgement. I personally don't go too crazy with the revealling costumes, but it is the truth.

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

Loved it, thank you!

Contributor: MidnightStorm

@Kendra30752 - Haha, although I wrote a little about the male perspective, I'm female. I think that largely Halloween is for kids--obviously 21+ adults don't tend to go out trick-or-treating, although sometimes older teenagers still do. I think more often you see racy Halloween costumes at adult-only Halloween parties. I'm not exactly the master of parties, but this is what I imagine, anyways. I definitely don't agree too much with wearing a SUPER racy costume just to walk around town in!

I agree that Halloween does offer an excuse for women to dress up sexily without being judged. You're right to say that most people won't complain about a woman wearing hardly any (or even no) clothing, but they WILL judge her. On Halloween, however, it's all about the fun and illusion of being something you're not, so it gives us a chance to go a little outside of the box and explore some more sultry costumes.

Contributor: Hubby80




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