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Sex Feed: $1,000 Shot Promises Better Sex for Months
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The hottest new trend on the coast is the G-Shot, a $1,000 shot that promises longer and more intense orgasms for up to 4 months. With plenty of rave reviews, the real question is--Is this $1,000 "G-spot Shot" worth it?


Conspiracy Smith  

I have a better idea the $1,000 and start dating guys who know what the fuck they are doing, and don't mind taking a few minutes to give you what you need.


@Conspiracy Smith - Haha, I think that's great for most women, but there are women out there who have legitimate medical or physical issues that prevent them from experiencing sex/orgasms properly. I agree that this shot does seem like a luxury though! It's not the kind of thing I'd just up and tell my friend-with-a-bad-sex-life to run out and get to solve all of her problems.


There's a new movie coming out later in '13 called "Side Effect"
This article just scared the crap out of me. It may be a sign of things to come...


No thanks, I'd rather just have my medical fantasies in bed instead of actually getting them done... ahaha.



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