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Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a Number – Or is it a state of mind?

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Age play is a sexual or non-sexual role-play activity in which those role-playing get into the mindset of a younger or older person. Role-playing as a younger person seems more common, however.

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Contributor: Serena Shirley
Serena Shirley  

I love calling My Daddy "Daddy." And he loves the pigtails, and it's not about fake incest or other things. Most people don't understand. Thanks for posting this, and in an understandable way.

Contributor: edeneve

le playing a baby as an adult never occurred to me - I did do it as a preteen while playing with my sister. Of course she wouldn't cooperate when it came to changing my diaper. Weel written article.

Contributor: scaredlittleboy

I play as a daddy and as a little