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Do Dominants Really Need Aftercare?

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Aftercare is a much debated topic among those who are into the rough and tumble play of BDSM. Whose responsible, what is needed and how long it should last are often discussed, but with the submissive in mind. Dominant aftercare is a phrase you almost never hear.


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Contributor: DeliciousSurprise

This is a brilliantly written article.

Contributor: Lily L.
Lily L.  

I find that the main thing I need after a scene is to hear that my partner likes me at least as much as they did before I tied them up, spanked them, and called them names.

Contributor: Binghua Fan
Binghua Fan  

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Contributor: Binghua Fan
Binghua Fan  

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Contributor: Ms. Paprika

Thank you Midori for bringing this up. I quite agree-it can be very jarring and sometimes us tops/doms need reassurance too!

Contributor: LadyPainDragon

Thankyou also, from a Domme who loves Domme Space. he Idea of preparing before hand for my own aftercare...... a fellow Top a friend who knows me..... Never thought about that one, Usually I hold back if there is no one else around thus holding back on the total pleasure thing.
My personal slave/partner gives me so much pleasure during play that I do take the aftercare for both of us to an erotic high. But my other play subs just have a BDSM relationship with me. So I can let go and make sure there is someone close to me tor my aftercare.

Contributor: indiglo

Fantastic article! Very well written and well thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed it - thank you!

Contributor: (Re)tired Stripper

This article is really impressive and helpful. My partner is quite new the the BDSM world and I can see how he would benefit from aftercare. I didn't have the words to explain it properly, but this article does. Thanks!!

Contributor: LA PADRONA

Aftercare for ME seemed self-evident ...
I had to determine, that many have the opinion, this must be negotiated, whether an aftercare takes place ?
... and why for a Dom ???
This seems to be a prerogative of the subs ...
I represent now the position: no aftercare? No play with me !
I have set my feet, as a Top, in abysses, of which I did not know that they exist - the reactions were extreme and - "painful".
I have never exceeded a border of a bottom - but my own !
This feeling, this apparent vulnerability, have just confirmed to me: an aftercare is for me the basis for the plays - to be sure to also clarify MY mood, the possibility to avert the risk losing myself - as a Dom !
Whether it refers to ethical, moral or social boundaries,
the Top exceeds for the first time - there is always an echo, which must be processed.
Sometimes several small aftercare sessions, because the reactions occur only gradually - but - they come !
In this sense, I am grateful to the divaberlin and slave_anna for their support!
You have helped me a lot!

!!! LA PADRONA !!!

Contributor: LA PADRONA

This article confirms me and my attitude

!!! LA PADRONA !!!



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