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Oral Sex Tips to Use on Him

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Sometimes it's good to review the basics -- you know, take a refresher course on a sexual staple like fellatio, especially if it's been a while or you've gotten into a rut or you're simply not as confident as you'd like to be in the oral skills department.


These tips are interesting, but I'm waiting for next month.


For more tricks to help please your man go to [] go to "ENHANCE THE ROMANCE" and look at "Tickle His Pickle"


This is fantastic! Too bad there aren't a few more tips in here... I only read one thing I hadn't heard before. Just so you know, it's not the bobbin that goes up and down, it's the needle

Adam Turner  

Oh how delighted so many men would be if their wives only were more willing . . .



Thanks. I agree with Adam Turner. Thanks Slumber Godess - I will check out "Tickle His Pickle."


wow great info!! thanks


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