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The Kink Corner with Kal Cobalt: Knife Play

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Knives and sex with no felonies involved? It's possible. It can even be part of a fun Friday night. How do you mix sharp blades with tender bits? Here are five points (I'm sorry) for living on the edge (I'm so, so sorry) with erotic knife play.


I love Kal Cobalt's Kink Corners. They're always five points about something fun. This week, though, got me wondering how many of us actually do knife play. Is it as "edgy" as some think it is? Do you do it as Kal describes in the article? Or are you a bit more risky?

Do you play with pokey things?


Ok, that was supposed to be a forum post. I hit the discussion button, even picked a category. Not sure why it showed up here. Oddness.


Scratching the skin with the tip is also a good way to ease into it


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