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Secrets of a Sex Writer: I Have Trouble Having Orgasms — and I’m Okay With That

Anya Garrett
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True confession time: I have trouble with orgasms. By which I mean, I am not the queen of the multiple orgasm, or even the single orgasm. I like them, sure, but they don’t always like me back.



Hi Rachel - thanks for this sensitive and insightful article. My wife and I have had a similar journey -- she was non-orgasmic for the first two years of our relationship (eventually finding her own path there.) While reaching climax has generally gotten easier for her in the ten years since, it's by no means easy or predictable. I had some learning of my own to do -- not only in how to help her pleasure, but especially that it was fine for both of us when it doesn't happen. We have a great time when we go for the big finish, and also when we choose not to. Your stance of no pressure from either side is an excellent place to be. Have fun!


This is a really great article. There is so much pressure to have the Big O that we sometimes forget about all of the other wonderful aspects of sex; the closeness, intimacy, and exploring other parts of our bodies. Well written and well said Thank you!


Thanks for your insight. My orgasms work like a clockwork and it's difficult for me to imagine a situation like yours when a woman likes sex, has a high level of sexual literacy and skill and despite this sometimes struggles to come. I'd really want to see some good research on the reasons for differences between women like me and you.


Rachel, thanks so much. I'm in the same boat and feel like I could have written parts of this article. Antidepressants make my "problem" worse. And because I write about sex, I feel like I should have orgasms at the drop of the hat. (Reading most erotica doesn't help either, because most of the women portrayed can have multiple orgasms easily.) Thanks again.


Oh wow, thank you so much for this piece. I've been almost completely anorgasmic for almost three years now - in the last couple of months I've had a couple of what felt like mini-orgasms, but nowhere near what I had before, when multiples were not uncommon and it was really rare for me to not come at all.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was thank you for basically covering all the bases for my experiences. It's also good to hear of other sex writers/bloggers (I have a sex and kink and anorgsmia blog) who are in a similar situation.


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