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SexCult: Get Confident, Stupid!

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Many people think it’s reason that separates us from the animals but I think the opposite is true: it’s belief.


It's true - I suffer from high self-esteem. I'm glad my partner encourages it. We both regard each other highly and indulge in mutual worship.

Not so with past partners. They often knocked me down a peg or two with passive aggressive comments or held me back from trying new things or speaking my mind. I doubted myself in the past. Now when I doubt myself I have my partner there to reassure me that I am worthy to be with a man as amazing as him - a man who can handle being with an extraordinary, strong woman.

Luck Fawyers  

Thank you for your wonderful words! Inside of each of us, is a brilliant being wanting to shine. As a man, I would apologize for any fear of the feminine. I know I can't speak for every man, but I am attempting to live an example of mutual surrender and worship. I sent you a poem on fb.



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