Support of review program: SexIs Social Posting Guidelines FAQ

SexIs Social Posting Guidelines FAQ

Who can write:
Anyone with an account on can write articles for SexIs. You just need to this first:
  1. Fill out all your profile information, including the bio.
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Upload a user image (doesn't have to be a picture of your face unless you want it to be).
  4. Choose a screen name.

What can I write?
We accept articles on various topics surrounding sex. Sexuality, married life, dating tips, men’s and women’s issues are just a few. The articles may be controversial as long as they do not attack any person, religion, race, nationality, sexuality or gender. The articles may be in response to other articles found on the site so long as they are kept civil and on topic.

Every month, we will offer a few new topic prompts. Be sure to keep your eye the SexIs section of the EdenFantasys forum at the beginning of each month for the newest list. You can write something about the prompt subjects or you can write something unrelated. It’s up to you!

How do I write?
Please see How to Post an Article on SexIs Social for a detailed guide on how to use our submission wizard.

Do I get paid?
You do get paid upon publication of your article. Articles are paid EdenPoints five days after an article is published.

How long does it take for an article to publish?
Generally speaking, it takes about 3-5 business days for an article to publish. This is provided there is absolutely nothing working against the editor's ability to go over an article and publish it. If your article is relatively well-written with few typos, and very minor work needed to make it presentable, you can expect it to go live within 3-5 business days so long as nothing else is impeding the process.

What kinds of things impede the process?
Holidays - If there's a holiday coming up (or one recently celebrated), you can expect there to be delays in publishing. No one at EdenFantasys is required to work holidays and we do not expect our contributor editors to, either.

Revisions - Sometimes, we'll need revisions. How quickly your article is published depends on how quickly you respond to your editor. Make sure your notifications are turned on so that you'll get email notifications when your editor needs to communicate about revisions and respond to your editor at your earliest convenience.

Other Contributors' Response Time - A few of our editors have their task boxes full, and are waiting for authors to respond to their requests for revision. Some of them have been waiting a while. To curb this, we will be waiting three days, and then releasing the articles and moving on to another contributor. We ask that you please respond to requests for revision as soon as possible.

Who can answer my questions?
Any questions or concerns can be emailed to Please allow up to five business days for response. We hope to hear from you soon!

Are there any other things I should know about?
Images - Images should be related to the topic. They should be clear and recognizable, and every image's creator should be cited in the article, even if the images belong to the author. If you're unsure how to do this, get in touch with me or an editor and we will give you a hand. No nudity; this means no genitals, no uncovered breasts and no penetration. As this is an adult website, we ask that no children be depicted in images you use in your articles.

List Articles - Some of the articles that we've been receiving have been lists of ways to do things, like spice up your sex life, or find the right toy for you. These articles are acceptable as long as they are the author's own material. They cannot be a rehashed list published elsewhere with all the same bullet points rewritten for SexIs.

Bloggy Posts - There's a difference between an "article" and a "blog post", though it can sometimes be difficult to know the difference. A blog post usually reads like a personal journal entry, and often is meant to chronicle the author's experiences. These types of articles are not acceptable submissions for SexIs. While personal experience is valued, we ask that SexIs submissions have more substance than an author ranting about a bad day, or documenting a hot sex session they had last week. These types of posts will be returned to you.

Editing - If an article requires major changes in wording, sentence structure, or voice, editors will be running the changes by the author for approval before publishing the article. Some articles will need quite a bit of work before being published. It happens to the best of us. In some cases, you may be put in contact with AirenWolf, the manager of the EdenFantasys EdenLit Club, for some guidance. If this happens, understand we love the content you've provided, and we're very grateful. We'd just like to help you tidy up the presentation.

Errors - We've received a couple complaints about missed errors in articles. This is easily solved by contacting your editor within five days of the article being published to ask them to correct things they've missed. If you notice the errors after the five days are up, feel free to email me with the issue, and I'll correct them for you.