Banner & Text Link Ad Guidelines


One of the ways EdenFantasys works with bloggers is by buying text link or banner ads on their blogs. This is a great way to promote EdenFantasys and for you, the blogger to make money off your blog.

How To Qualify:

Not all blogs qualify for paid advertising. Participation is determined by a combination of factors including your Google Page Rank, traffic stats via Compete or Quantcast, Alexa rank, number of comments on your blog, RSS subscribers, etc. If you currently do not qualify for advertising, keep working on your blog and contact us again when your traffic has risen.

Ad Placement:

All ads should be on the front of your blog and should be site-wide. Banner ads should be a minimum of 125x125. If you participate in our affiliate program, please make sure your banner ad does not have your affiliate code embedded.

Text Link Ads

Text link ads should lead to and use our keywords "sex toys", "adult toys", "sensual toys", or "sex shop I trust" Here is an example of a text link ad with HTML:


<a href="">Sex shop I trust</a>

Looks like: Sex shop I trust
Links to:

Static banners

We have a large variety of banners that bloggers can use. Please use the widgets provided and ensure the banner ad links back to

If you need help placing your ads on your blog, please email your Blogger Relations coordinator to assist you after you have been accepted for advertising.

Rotating banners

As of Fall 2011, EdenFantasys is introducing a new way to present banners on your site. Periodically, the banner ads will change based on seasons and any promotions occuring on the site. Rotating banners are a standard feature of many online advertising programs and we are glad to offer this program to our bloggers.

You can be rest assured that the banners will correspond to the theme of your blog. For example, personal or parenting blogs will not feature any explicit ads. Bloggers who focus on sexuality can have ads that are more "adult."

Please choose your rotating banner code here.

Participating in the rotating banners is entirely optional, please contact your Blogger Relations coordinator or if you have questions.


The rates we offer are based on a combination of factors including your blog’s Google Page Rank, traffic stats via Compete or Quantcast, Alexa rank, number of comments on your blog, RSS subscribers, etc. For more information about rates, please email your Blogger Relations coordinator, after you’ve been approved for the advertising program.

Payment Methods:

We pay via Paypal or check. Most ad arrangements are made for a duration of six months. We pay for ads in advance, so you will be paid for the entire six months. If you’d like your ad to run for a longer or shorter duration, please let us know. As a courtesy, we ask for a 10% discount when the arrangement is for six months or longer.

If you elect to be paid via Paypal, your payment will be sent from a “” email address. Please be advised that, per their policies, Paypal charges a small fee on most transactions.

Payment can also be arranged with an EdenFantasys gift card. Please let your Blogger Relations coordinator know so this may be arranged.

If you have any questions related to banner and text link advertising with EdenFantasys, please email