Sponsored Post Guidelines


Want to work with EdenFantasys but would like the freedom to write about what works best for your blog? The Sponsored Post program was created just for you! In the program, bloggers can write posts about, or inspired by EdenFantasys, in exchange for gift cards. This is a great option for bloggers who might be worried about family or employers reading reviews of adult products.

How Is This Different From Eden’s Ambassador program?

In EdenFantasys Ambassador program, bloggers can also earn free gift cards by writing positive posts about EdenFantasys. In the sponsored post program, you can use anything in our family of sites to inspire your writing.

Note: If you are currently participating in Eden’s Ambassador program and writing testimonials, you can not participate in the Sponsored Post program. You also can not participate in the Sponsored Post program if you are an active Advanced Reviewer on-site.

So, what do I write about?

Take your pick! You can get inspiration by surfing any of our Forums or reading an article in SexIS, mentioning some of your favorite products. For example, maybe you read a story about cheating on one of the forum threads inspired you to write about your own experiences. If you want, you can even pass on some of our current promotions onto your readers to help them save money.
We want you to be real, honest, and creative. Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to just sex or sex toys. The sponsored post program is meant to be flexible and open-ended.

What are the post requirements?

Each post must contain a minimum of 200 words and must include two direct links back to EdenFantasys.com. One of these links should use our keywords and link to our homepage: Sex toy, sex toy store, adult toy store, vibrators, adult toys, vibrators, lingerie, EdenFantasys, EdenFantasys toys, sexy lingerie, sexy costumes, EdenFantasys shop, sex community. The other link may link to any page on our site. These two required links may not be affiliate links, but you are free to include affiliate links as additional links you include in the post. All links must also be "dofollow".
No more than 75 words of your post may be taken from the website (if you are choosing to copy the product description). Please also do not use any links from any competitor sex toy stores in your post.
At the bottom of each sponsored post, you must include an EdenFantasys banner and disclose our relationship as per the FTC guidelines.

Do you have any examples of sponsored posts?

For family-friendly examples, you can check out posts by Black Girl in Maine, Motherhoot, and DealPeddler to see the flexibility of the program.

How much will I be paid?

You will be compensated with an EdenFantasys gift card, ranging in value from $25 - $50. The value of giftcard is dependent upon your blog's reach which includes blog age, Google PageRank, quality of posts, content, Alexa ranking, social media followers, traffic, and general demographics.

How do I get my gift cards?

Once your post is live on your blog, please email your Blogger Relations coordinator with the direct URL. It will be checked to ensure all of the correct links are in place and that the word count is met. Once it’s been verified and approved by your coordinator, your gift card will be ordered and sent to your e-mail in a few days. The gift card will not be ordered until all requirements are met.

How often can I submit a sponsored post?

You can submit two sponsored posts every calendar month. Please try to space out posts two weeks apart.

If you have questions about the sponsored post program, please e-mail bloggers@edenfantasys.com