Frequently asked questions

What are the do’s and don’ts on EdenFantasys?

At EdenFantasys, we strive for an informative, safe, sex-positive environment. Not all topics are in everyone’s comfort zone, but as long the Expectations of Conduct are followed, everything will be fine! Generally, if you’re unsure, just ask us!

I've been approved for an upgrade to Advanced level contributor. How soon until I get my first toy?

Congrats! You won’t get free products to review right away. You’ll have to request products within your rank’s price cap. You can find more information on requesting products in the Review Program Guidelines.

Additionally, you can check out the Product Search for a Manufacturer Sponsored item to review.

When can I review an expensive product?

You must choose your review assignments according to the Pricing Guidelines, based on your contributor rank.

If you would like to review a toy outside of your range, and are an Advanced Reviewer, you can always use the Buy Out option and agree to an assigned review for a 30% discount of any toy of your choice. If there’s a product you’d like to review that is just above your rank cap, you can send a support ticket and request a special exception. However, these are rare and “one-time” only things.

It is also possible that you may get assigned a product well above your price range or without a listed price at all. These are also pretty rare, but a possible assignment. You can accept or decline these at your discretion.

If I have an assignment, can I order a couple of things too and have them shipped together?

YES! It just works for everyone all around, but you MUST ship right away. If you accept an assignment and then leave it sitting un-shipped, it could be canceled and assigned to someone else.

My package hasn’t shown up yet. Where is it?

If possible, check your confirmation email for tracking information. If you can’t find it, submit a support ticket.

I got my assignment today, but it was broken/scratched/shattered. What do I do?

Oh no! Contact an Admin at right away! If it was a buy-out assignment, send a support ticket to see if you can get a replacement/exchange or a refund. After you get that worked out, let the Admins know so they can cancel your assignment.

Whatever you do, DO NOT write a review on a broken or defective item. Given the numbers of products that are produced, sometimes a bad one gets through. EdenFantasys wants to make sure the manufacturer gets a fair shake. We’ll do our best to get you a replacement to make sure you can write the best review you can.

I just requested a product to review and the system told me I had three outstanding reviews…but I don’t. What’s up with that?

It’s not you, it’s the product. We can only allow so many free products for review, three is our max. If you see a product without any reviews on it, but still get this notice, it means there could be pending reviews on the product. Also, sorry to say, lingerie/clothing items only get one free review per product.

I have a friend that I want to do reviews, where should they go?

They should sign up for an account and submit reviews online, just the way you did.

I sent my review in a month ago and it’s not live yet. What should I do?

Submit a support ticket and let us know after checking out your Reviews to make sure it wasn’t sent back as “Revision Required”.

I can’t activate EdenPoints. HELP!

It’s really important that you wait a FULL 24 hours between attempts. On a related note, EdenPoints can only be used on orders placed from the account that earned them.

I just submitted a request to be a Mentor/EdenTasks Editor and haven’t heard back. Who do I ask to find out if I made it or not?

EdenTasks rotates editors out every three months or so. If you haven’t heard back from your request, that means it’s still up for consideration. Any more questions can be directed to
If you submitted a request to be a Mentor, your request should be approved/declined in the next couple days (2-4). If you haven’t heard back about it, see the above link to contact us.

How do I contact someone at EdenFantasys?

Submit a support ticket or contact by email You can also call us: 888-506-5516