Review Program Guidelines

Get started

First of all, you must create an EdenFantasys account. Please, fill in all the required fields: personal info, a verified email, an avatar, preferred product types and material preferences - and do not forget to publish your public profile.

As soon as your EdenFantasys account is created and completely set up, go to the Review Program menu at your dashboard and launch the Review service.

Congratulations, you are now a member of the wonderful EdenFantasys Review Community!

There are three levels of service in the Review Program:
  1. Basic level - set for the newbies.
    • You may write and submit not assigned reviews (reviews on products you already have).
    • You cannot submit assigned reviews(free reviews on a product assigned to you by an Administrator).
    • You cannot request free products for reviews.
    • You cannot submit a buyout assignment (request a product with a special discount in exchange for a review).
  2. Basic plus level - set for the students who joined the Mentor program.
    • You may write and submit not assigned reviews (reviews on products you already have).
    • You may submit assigned reviews (free reviews on a product assigned to you by an administrator) - your Mentor will request them for you.
    • You cannot request free products for reviews by yourself.
    • You cannot submit a buyout assignment (request a product with a special discount in exchange for a review).
  3. Advanced level - set for the skillful reviewers with 3 or more reviews, or graduated students.
    • You may write and submit not assigned reviews (reviews on products you already have).
    • You may submit assigned reviews (free reviews on a product assigned to you by an Administrator).
    • You may request free products for reviews by yourself.
    • You may submit a buyout assignment (request a product with a special discount in exchange for a review).

Becoming an Advanced reviewer

There are two ways to get an Advanced service level - receive the Administrator’s approval or participate in the Mentor Program as a student.

Administrator’s approval

Once you have submitted at least three (3) reviews on the products you already had, you may request to be upgraded to an Advanced level reviewer. Contact the Review Administrator in DMs, describe your wish to become an Advanced reviewer and include links to your existing reviews.

The upgrade request will be reviewed in a two-week period. The Administrator will base their decision on granting you the Advanced level of the quality of your reviews and overall activity in the Eden Community. During this time (and after!), you should continue to submit reviews of items you've already tried and remain active on the forum.

If your reviews are well-structured, in-depth and captivating, and you are being an active member of our amazing Community, you are going to become a happy Advanced reviewer!

In case your reviewing skills need some improvement before getting an Advanced level upgrade, the Administrator will tell you so in detailed personal recommendations, giving you useful tips regarding the improvements that should be made.

Mentor Program

*Mentor Program is closed.

Basically, you pick a mentor who will help you to pick products and write reviews with his knowledge and experience.

You may activate the Mentor Program in your account.

To graduate you should successfully complete two reviews. You will be eligible to receive two free review products (one at a time) to review for their class. The products must be under $30 and have fewer than 3 reviews on them. The $30 limit applies to the regular listed price, not a discounted price.

Reviewers with a Basic level as well as with an Advanced are welcome to join the mentor’s class. But please, be aware, the mentor won’t receive the $25 gift card for the class with an Advanced student.

As soon as you graduate, you’ll get an advanced service level with all its inherent advantages.

To learn all the details about the Mentor Program.

Types of Assignments

  1. Free Assignment
    It is an assignment created by an Administrator or requested by a reviewer in order to get a free product for testing and making a review about it.
    Important things to notice:
    • You may have only one product for a free assignment with rare exceptions. The decision regarding whether a reviewer might have more than one toy for the free assignment is made individually by an Administrator.
    • Not all products are available for the free assignment. Please, ask an Administrator for the actual list of available products.
    • Only products with 2 or fewer reviews on them are available for the free assignment.
    • You may have a product for the free assignment only within your pricing range. Of course, with some exceptions.
  2. Buyout Assignment
    It is an assignment requested by a reviewer in order to get a considerable discount on purchasing a product in exchange for a review.
    Important things to notice:
    • The amount of the discount is calculated individually for each product and a reviewer.
    • To see how much you’re going to save doing the buyout, just request a product and you’ll see the price in your cart.
    • The product can only be taken for the buy-out assignment once.
    • You may request any product of any brand for the buyout assignment, except cases when the product has been already taken or it is out of stock.

Submitting on-site reviews and making assignments

To submit Not Assigned review, please perform the following steps.
  1. Make sure you are signed in to your account.
  2. Go to the product page of an item you’re going to write a review about and click on the "Grab It" button to add this product to your "Assignment Cart".

  3. Go to your Assignment Cart and choose the “Write review” option.

  4. At the pop-up menu, pick where your review will be posted and the type of review template.

  5. Once you click “Submit”, you’ll get to the review template. Fill in all required fields, feel free to share additional info which you suppose may be interesting for readers, add pictures and/or videos of a product. Please, try to be informative and point all the important and useful data about a product.

If you are an Advanced reviewer, then you have a possibility to submit Assigned and Buyout reviews.

To make an assigned review, you should accept an assignment on a product from the Administrator or request it by yourself.

The process of submitting an Assigned or Buyout reviews is as follows.

To accept an assignment made by the Administrator, go to your Assignments and click on “Free order” or “Decline” if you want to decline it.

All you have to do now is wait for a product to be delivered, thoroughly try it out and write an honest review. You’ll find the “Write review” button in your Assignments after placing an order with the assigned product.

To submit a request for free or buyout assignment, please do the following steps.
  1. Go to the chosen product page.
  2. Add a product to your assignment cart by grabbing it.
  3. Go to your assignment cart and choose “Request assignment”
  4. Select an assignment type and the location of a review at the pop-up menu.
  5. Submit your request to the Administrator.
    After submission, the request will move from your Assignment cart to your Assignments.

    If the Administrator approves your request, you should accept it at your Assignments by clicking “Free order”. Or you may change your mind and decline it.

    Buyout assignments do not require an administrator’s approval.

  6. Don’t hesitate to test a product when it is shipped to you and share your experience by writing a sincere review. You’ll find the “Write review” button at your Assignments after placing an order with the assigned product.

A few things to note

You can add or remove products in the Assignment Cart anytime, but you CAN NOT modify the Assignments, although you may cancel the entire assignment anytime before a product is shipped.

The Administrator may approve or cancel your requested assignment based on different factors: whether the product is in your price range (see Pricing Guidelines), the quantity of already existing reviews, the number of already made assignments, the presence of a sufficient amount of products on stock, etc.

Along with your reviews, you can optionally submit a message to the Administrator.

Please keep in mind that one reviewer can only have up to 3 active assignments simultaneously.

After being submitted, your review will be edited, approved or returned to you for a revision, or declined by the Administrator.

Once it is approved, it will be published on the website within a week or two. If after three weeks you do not see your review live on the site, please feel free to contact the Review Program staff.

Please, be aware, as a matter of policy, EdenFantasys does not publish reviews on defective products. So if the unfortunate happened and you received a faulty or damaged product, you should contact EdenFantasys Customer Service (if you bought the product on EdenFantasys) or the manufacturer to see if a replacement can be sent.

If you have any internet resources (youtube channel, blog, website, etc.) you’re welcome to make an Off-site review (Not Assigned, Assigned or Buyout as well).

Writing tips

Before writing a review, please, use a product several times to make sure you explored it in all its glory.

Once you click the “Write review” button, you’ll get to a review template. If you want to stick to the classic format or you have your own writing review style, choose the standard template. If you need guidance and suggestive questions to help you formulate your thoughts and make them structured, go with the extended template.

Try to keep your review as useful as possible. Point out all the essential details concerning product features, characteristics, maintenance, etc.

Please, don’t be shy to get explicit about your personal experience with a product. It’s unique and very important information that could help others imagine what they could get with this product and therefore make an informed purchasing decision.

It would be great if you liven up your review with pictures of what the product really looks like has and/or a video of how it works.

How to select ratings

The overall rating of a product may be up to five stars.

Intensity rating:

  • If the toy does not vibrate, click N/A
  • 1 Vroom = Very mild, extremely low-level vibration, great for newbies, foreplay and extra sensitive areas.
  • 2 Vrooms = A lower-level intensity that provides light stimulation but can be still felt in most internal and external spots.
  • 3 Vrooms = Moderate vibration, good for overall body usage, average in intensity and probably suitable for most individuals.
  • 4 Vrooms = Strong and easily felt vibrations that powerfully stimulate but are not "earth-shaking".
  • 5 Vrooms = This car's outta control! Extremely strong, highly intense powerful vibration, probably too intense for most.

Noise rating:

  • If the toy does not make noise, click N/A.
  • 1 Bee = Whisper quiet hum, barely can be heard, virtually silent from behind a closed door.
  • 2 Bees = Low, soft, "white noise" hum, similar to a cell phone's vibration alert, that can be heard through covers but not through a closed door.
  • 3 Bees = Moderate noise level, similar to a small appliance, can be heard through covers and probably through a closed door.
  • 4 Bees = Fairly loud, comparable to a large appliance, definitely heard through covers and easily heard through a closed door.
  • 5 Bees = Extremely noisy, the neighbors can probably hear this power tool cranking!

To stay in tune with the review program updates, please visit the Reviews page and Forum.

If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket or contact us via