Off-Site Review Program Guidelines


Not Assigned reviews, you simply write a review of a toy you already own and have tried. For Assigned reviews, please select a product that has as few reviews as possible and meets the agreed upon price range previously discussed or falls within the Pricing Guidelines as pertains to you. If the item is heavily reviewed, please choose a different item or contact us for assistance. Please review the Review Program Guidelines carefully when you select your item for review for further information.

Before writing:

Before you sit down to write about your new toy, be sure that you've played with it -hopefully more than once! Keep in mind the material and associated cleaning concerns. Also mention the features in detail and your impressions of the toy, in addition to how well it worked for you.
It is important that you do not copy and paste your offsite review content into the fields of the onsite review form. Your onsite review should be unique and expand upon your entire review.

Your Blog or Website review content (aka Off-site)

You must complete an honest review of approximately 300 or more words on your blog/site that details the product assigned. This review must contain at least two direct and meaningful links to the Eden Fantasys website ( and/or its products. These links should be a general description of our products and services. Some examples of direct and meaningful links may include but are not limited to: Sex toy store, adult toy store, vibrators, adult toys, vibrators, sex community

The theme and style of your review remains at your discretion, as long as the product is reviewed accurately and honestly
We urge all users to post the custom widget that is designed specifically based on your onsite review. The widget is available when your onsite review is completed and should be posted as part of your offsite review.

Eden Fantasys review content (aka On-site)

You must complete the onsite component of the review. This includes the following sections:
  • Title: This will help set the overall tone of your review
  • Review URL: This is the permanent link to your offsite review
  • Experience: a brief summary of your experience with the item to illuminate the full review (optional)
  • Pros and Cons: The best and worst points of the item
  • Summary: A quick summary of your offsite review and your overall thoughts on the item
  • Star Rating: Rate the item from 1 to 5
  • Vroom Rating: When applicable, rating the intensity of the toy (vibrations etc.)
  • Bee Rating: When applicable, rating the volume or noise level of the toy
  • Widget: Your custom review widget will be available upon finishing your onsite review. This widget should be posted on your offsite review.

The summary onsite is especially important as it represents the content of your entire review both on and offsite. Rather than repeating what you've already said in your offsite review, give a compelling reason why this item is or isn't worth it. What was fabulous or disappointing? The Summary, Pros and Cons should reflect your overall impression of the item - they stand out in reviews and are influential for readers.

Off-Site general rules:


If you are in the Eden Partner Program, feel free to use a partner coded link to post to your review (in addition to a direct link somewhere on your webpage) so you can receive your commission. We encourage everyone (EPP member or not) to post links to their reviews; it's your hard work, and you deserve to show it off. However, do not post the text from the review; posting duplicate content is detrimental to our (and your) web status because it is technologically interpreted as plagiarism - no matter how it is cited. You may post a few sentences leading into the link, such as: "My review of the Snugglepuss is posted on This toy took me for quite a ride; find out how…" Or "I had a great time playing with my new toy, click here to get the full story." Another way our reviewers have posted "teaser" or intro texts for reviews is by writing two different accounts. The review they submit to us is generalized, more opinionated, and practical. The text posted on their blogs is a more explicit, erotic account of their experience with the toy; containing COMPLETELY different text than the review submitted to The choice is up to you.

This includes Not Assigned (Not Verified) reviews. Please do not re-post any part of the text from these reviews on other sites. That also means that you should not post reviews from other sites on If we find that your review has been reposted, Not Verified Reviews will be taken off our site without hesitation. If assigned reviews that are found to be posted elsewhere, we will clarify with the contributor to see whether it was their re-post. In the situation where someone else has plagiarized our contributor's content, we will send a cease and desist letter. If we find it was the contributor who re-posted, we will require that they take down the review, and they will be subject to either downgrading to Basic Level or possibly terminated.

General Blog and Online Profile Linking:

If you fill out the URL field in your profile with your personal link(s), your review page and profile will contain links to your blog and/or other personal website. If we are linking your profile (posted on to a blog or another website of your choosing, we must ask that you show the same courtesy. You must post a link to our site, a direct link (A NON-AFFILIATE LINK), somewhere on your webpage. The anchor text can be anything but "Eden Fantasys" or any other derivation of the company name. You can post as many affiliate links as you want, but there must be at least one direct link.

If you are not HTML savvy, please contact us at and we will help you with how to post this link. We do understand that not everyone is at the same computer competency level.

Sample HTML codes and how they will appear when used:

Example 1

<a href="">Best sex toy review site</a>
Looks like: Best sex toy review site
Links to:

Example 2

<a href="">Sex shop I trust</a>
Looks like: Sex shop I trust
Links to:

Example 3

<a href="">Jimbo Jones profile on EdenFantasys</a>
Looks like: Jimbo Jones profile on EdenFantasys
Links to:

Example 4

<a href="">Great selection of vibrators</a>
Looks like: Great selection of vibrators
Links to:

Example 5

<a href="">Rock Chick sex toy review</a>
Looks like: Rock Chick sex toy review
Links to:

If you feel you are not able to meet with these link specifications, let us know and we will simply remove the link to your personal page from your review page; but we will still continue to post your reviews on the

How you link to your blog from EdenFantasys

This not a link exchange. However, we do display an attribution link which will direct customers to your blog, where they can read your full review. To do so, you can follow the Review Publication Wizard where you insert the review URL on your blog when prompted. Please be advised that because we don't moderate the content that you submit, it requires special handling to assure our website is not damaged with malicious software that could compromise our commerce operations, credit card security compliance procedures, and overall could shut down the website. We encapsulate links into a separate module that won't be able to interfere with the rest of the website.


Please visit our support page for more information
Also please contact Eden Fantasys directly with any questions or concerns you might have by email: