Slideshow Guidelines

What is a Slideshow?

For our intents and purposes, a Slideshow is a short (around one minute) video composed of a mixture of still images and text that gives a basic overview of a product.


You see? Slideshows are a visual summary of a product page; what the product looks like, what sort of packaging it comes in, a basic list of features, all fancied up in an appealing video package.

They’re not a review, and should be based on the facts that appear on product packaging or the product page, not opinion. They would primarily be used to give people an overview that helps them decide if they want to look into a product more closely. Someone seeing a Slideshow on Facebook or Joe’s Blog, for example, should be able to tell if that is something they want to come to our site and read reviews about.

Got it? Awesome.

Now what we’re hoping is that some of you will want to make Slideshows!

They’re fairly easy, and very basic ones can be done using the free movie making software that comes with your computer -- Windows Live Movie Maker on a pc, iMovie on a mac. ( Basic instructions for WLMM and iMovie. A YouTube tutorial for Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie ) You can get a little more fancy if you try software/sites like ProShow or Animoto or any of the other sites/software you can get for your computer, phone or tablet. Though many of the fancier video/slideshow creation apps and programs aren’t free, they’re generally affordable and worth it in the long run since, as usual, you’d be earning points for your submissions!

The Rules

  • Slideshows would be around one minute long. Anything shorter than 45 seconds or longer than 90 seconds would not be accepted. Remember, a short glimpse, not an in depth review!
  • Images used in a Slideshow must be the users own images, not EdenFantasys product images or manufacturer product images.
  • Slideshows need approval just like regular video reviews do. Contributors would need to email carrieann@edenfantasys .com to be sure the product is available for the addition of a Slideshow. (This is to ensure we don’t have 10 Slideshows coming in of the same products, since only one is generally needed for each product) Just send a link to the product page, along with your request, and I’ll get back to you with approval within 24 hours usually.
  • Slideshows should be professional in appearance. Graphics and transitions used should be appropriate to the product. We don’t want a Slideshow set to Halloween graphics or a My Beach Vacation theme.
  • Images used should be of decent quality. We don’t expect you guys to be professional photographers but images must be clear, non blurry and must show the product and packaging (if showing) from different angles in an attractive and professional manner. Don’t use images with your dog or messy kitchen in the background.
  • Music used in Slideshows should be music that is available free to the public, royalty free. Most slideshow programs include some or you can find it around the internet on various free music websites. Please don’t use music with lyrics or that is copyrighted.
  • Slideshows pay 1000 points ($10 gift card) which will be deposited into your account after you submit the Slideshow AND email Carrie Ann a link to the completed Slideshow.
  • Contributors can do up to 5 videos per week total. You can mix and match, doing slideshows and regular video reviews, or just video reviews or just slideshows, but the total should not be more than 5 uploads per week.
  • Because this is a “beta” program we are reserving the right to decline Slideshows that are of poor quality while we’re working out the kinks. If you upload a Slideshow that is declined you are always allowed the opportunity to redo it/improve it so that it can be accepted. Think of it as the same as editing for written reviews; sometimes, the editors send you stuff back to fix up.
  • Each Slideshow should begin with text that states the name and manufacturer of the product and should end with the product name, manufacturer of the product and the text “Available at”

So who is ready to do a Slideshow?

Do you have any questions? Please, ask away if you do! We’re really hoping to give many more people the opportunity to be involved in the Video Review program so don’t hesitate to ask anything you need to. I’m happy to clarify any points that are unclear. And don’t be afraid to give doing one a try! Even if you’re not sure, try it! You might be awesome at doing them and the worst that can happen is we say no, right? Right!

Remember, email me first (carrieann@edenfantasy to be sure the product you want to do is available for a Slideshow. Then make your pretty photo montage, upload it to the product page and email me again with a link. (Upload instructions can be found here ) I’ll take a look at the finished product and, so long as it’s okay, deposit your points. If it needs work, I’ll email you back and we’ll tak about how to fix it.

Please see this forum link for some Q&A's that have already been asked and answered.