Our Eden Affiliate Program pays a standard 20% commission through all sales generated by your referrals. Commission Junction pays 20% to 30% on all referred sales. Eden Affiliate Programs provide flexibility, customization options, and the convenience of making referrals both online and offline, whereas Commission Junction ensures third party reporting.

Here you can read more about Eden Affiliate Programs and Commission Junction, or look at the comparison table.

Our pledge to you We will work to convert your traffic, as hard as you work to bring it to us.

The success is on both sides with quality traffic and high conversions!

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Why choose us?
  • Unique content, product photos, and user friendly navigation means having the highest conversion ratio.
  • Automated warehouse and inventory control system allows for same-day order fulfillment, and an even higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • 180-day retaining period for all referrals. This will allow you to collect commissions from all customer referrals, for 180 days after the initial referral.
  • Commissions are negotiable for quality publishers.
  • Experienced technical support team and professional customer service will help you with all types of technical assistance associated with your website and the affiliate programs.
  • Market all types of product categories, or choose a specific group of products that best suit your customers.
  • Eden Affiliate Programs are the best way to go if you run a website, blog, have a public profile, or membership with a relevant social group.

Read more about Eden Affiliate Programs, Commission Junction or see the comparison table below.

Eden Affiliate Programs (direct affiliate) vs. Commission Junction Network comparison table

Eden Affiliate Programs (EAP)
Commission Junction (CJ)
Once you join the EAP, we will give you access to your user account. This is where you will build your Widgets, tracking URLs, view your traffic and commissions reports, and read about the latest news and opportunities.
Managed and administered through CJ publisher interface.
Content presentation (offers)
You can choose and post any product picture with or without title or description.
Combine as many products together as you want into one Widget.
No combinations allowed, however, you can make many postings.
Addressing technical issues with many HTML editors, EAP encapsulates its offers in Flash. That way you can be sure it looks and runs as it would on any site, blog or profile.
Only HTML tags available for postings.
Get any URL from EdenFantasys.com and post a corresponding tracking URL.
Large but limited list of URLs open for participation in the program.
EAP supports offline affiliates too. Read about its Offline Affilate program.
No offline programs.
Commission Structure
20% standard

In the near future EAP will support a volume-driven commission structure with more beneficial rates than CJ's.

EAP will soon launch a flexible split of your commissions for you and your customers, so you can offer customized discount coupons on your site.
20% standard
25% if monthly sales between $2,500 and $9,999
30% - over $10,000
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Eden Affiliate Programsthrough CJ Administration
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Read more about Eden Affiliate Programs, Commission Junction.