Most Gorgeous Sex Toys For Women

The cherries on top, the creme de la creme, the unrivaled A-listers - the gadgets on this list are more than just the best sex toys for women. Each of these sex toys was created with care and diligence, they are designed to fit in and fill what needs to be filled, making you feel what you need to feel. No more doubting your orgasms, no more settling for so-so's or toys that are just okay. Delve into this supreme list of the best sex toys for women and pick yourself a companion or two that you know will make you see the stars.


The Must-Have Rabbit Vibrator

Any bunny knows its way around and inside your curves. Those cuties know where to tease and tickle and where to plunge and to fill. A rabbit vibrator is what every woman craves, even if she doesn’t know it yet - because those blended orgasms, so hard, so wet, so hot, hit you like a shockwave.


The Bullseye G-spot Vibrator

Giving pressure where it’s wanted, any G-spot vibrator knows where to aim. Even if you still doubt if there is a magic orgasm spot inside of you, one of these studs is already curved toward it. Sliding in perfectly, a G-spot vibrator sets on, well, the G-spot, and juices it with gentle pressure or rumbly vibration to an oh-my orgasm.


The Bullet & Egg Vibrators That Keep A Secret

"Yes, I can have an orgasm when and where I want!" - what gal wouldn’t want that? That’s exactly the superpower of all those petite and discreet bullet and egg vibrators. Hiding in your purse or even in your panties, they are 1 flick of a button away from delivering you a shameless, gorgeous orgasm. And leave everyone around jealous of your good mood and a healthy afterglow.


The Overwhelming
DP Vibrator

Not one, but two delicious shafts filling you up, working your arousal in the back and in front? A DP vibrator can do more than most toys, giving you all of it - sometimes even a bit more than you can handle. With double pressure on your wetness, the orgasm will overrun all of your senses. That is just what DP vibrators do, leaving you limp with spent pleasure.


The Very Deep Thrusting Vibrator

When you’re craving that smooth and orgasmic “motion of the ocean”, you turn to the thrusting vibrators. They dive inside your wetness with an almost-real horniness, moving as if your orgasm is the only thing that must be left in the world. For them, it is. With 0 effort from you, these bad boys do all the work, hammering you to a lip-biting, toe-curling experience.


The Lusty Air Pulse Vibrator

They don’t kiss and lick and suck on your clit like your ex did - they do oh so much better. Vibrators with the astonishing Air Pulse Technology mimic strong, short and lustful breaths against your wetness. Delivering quite gentle stimulation yet so unlike anything else out there, these babes can make you come moaning and screaming in 5 minutes or less - and it’s scientifically proven.


The Punching
Kegel Exerciser

Want stronger orgasms? Easy - you get stronger love muscles. Getting your pelvic floor muscles toned with regular sets using Kegel exercises of any shape or style is healthy - and feels hella nice. It’s the only workout you can easily orgasm from - and you will def orgasm after. With your muscles contracting around the Kegel toy, you will have stronger sensations and even better orgasm control.


The Mighty Magic Wand
For Women

Whether to ease the tension, to relax, to arouse or to leave breathless, the wand massager is equipped for anything. Boasting the strongest vibration amongst them all, a magic wand makes the lust inside you boil to the point of a volcanic orgasm. Sensation so intense you’d probably need some time to recover before the next one hits you like a ton of bricks.


The Fabulous
Butt Plug

Any play gets better when there’s a butt plug involved. Prepping for anal? A plug will warm you up oh so nicely. Going at it by yourself? A plug will add a WOW factor to your orgasm, giving extra pressure, intensifying your every move. Want to do it together? Wear a butt plug to play along, making you feel super tight and guiding your partner right to your G-spot.


The Thirsty
Tongue Vibrator

Giving yourself a steaming hot cunnilingus. Impossible? Don’t think so - grab a tongue vibrator and press its needy tip wherever you crave it. These little cuties always know where to sneak and what to circle, licking every inch of your body to a stunning state of arousal, climaxing in an shamelessly good oral-gasm.

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