7 Creative Ideas for Foreplay

1. Start the Foreplay Early

Adding a remote-controlled discreet vibe to your date night out will transform a regular date into a truly erotic adventure. Give the remote to your partner and enjoy foreplay like never before.

2. Put On a Show

Start playing with yourself in front of your partner, giving him an extra special performance. It is a great way to spice up your foreplay and show him what moves give you the most pleasure.

3. Enjoy Hidden Stimulation

egel exercisers combine pleasure with health benefits. Doing regular kegels significantly improves the strength of your PC muscles, enhancing the tightness and helping you experience more intense orgasms.

4. Add Extra Relaxation

Relax, unwind and melt your stress away with a body massager. Deep rumbly vibrations will help your sore muscles and give you an explosive orgasm in mere minutes. Add special attachments for some extra pleasure.

5. Try Pushing Your Limits

Blindfolding your partner and restricting their movements will enhance other senses, bringing the pleasure they receive to a new level. Bondage play also requires a great deal of communication, bringing you closer together.

6. Upgrade Your Touch

Add a vibration to your touch and enjoy extra sensations. Your usual masturbation and foreplay boosted with finger vibrators will become exciting erotic discoveries.

7. Don't Forget About Oral

Upgrade your oral love skills by adding toys to the mix. Imagine having two tongues to tease and please your lover, discovering new heights of arousal together - and enjoying many happy endings.

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