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DR.Love and GETMAXXX premium lubricants are manufactured in Trier Germany by Futuring International Ltd. They are manufactured under the highest quality standards at state-of-the-art facilities. The master formulator behind these revolutionary new lubricants is Dieter Laros who has over 20 years of experience in formulating some of the worlds finest personal lubricants.

Dr.Love and GETMAXXX personal lubricants define the highest standards and take great care during the entire production process to ensure and guarantee that the customers receive trustworthy products of the highest industry standards. It took three years of intense research and development to create these outstanding formulations with the best standards of safety and without the use of cyclic silicones. Because of this true innovation these are truly a milestone in the history of lubricants and glides.

Dieter Laros has truly formulated THE NEXT GENERATION OF LUBRICATION!

News and announcements

  • It's all because of you! New Reduced Pricing!

    If you haven't already noticed, the prices for our Dr.Love and Getmaxxx products have been reduced.
    We are extremely excited to be able to make such an announcement in this whacky economy. There is no doubt that when it comes to your most intimate experiences you demand only the highest quality products with the purity of ingredients you can trust. That is the driving force behind all of our products. Thanks to your wonderful and candid reviews you have helped us bring our Dr.Love and Getmaxxx brands from the being just new products on the market to being a staple for many people. It's because of this that we owe you a great big "Thank You" and what better way to thank you than to reduce our pricing and make buying our products more affordable. Due to the global success of our brands and especially that within the U.S., we have been able to do just that.
    Once again; Thank You!

  • A Great Honor - "O" Award Nominee

    At the recent Adult Novelty Expo in Los Angeles Dr.Love and GETMAXXX premium personal lubricants were proudly honored with a nomination in the category of Outstanding Lube, Lotion, or Potion.

    “We looked at the many different lubricants on the market, and what were the best selling as reported by retailers, and we
    all felt that Dr. Love was a top contender for the first ever “O” Award,” explained Sherri Shaulis, one of AVN Media
    Network’s judges and reporters.

    Dr. Love is officially here, giving America another reason to scream with delight in AND out of the bedroom with its purer, safer silkening lubricant for men & women.

    We want to thank everyone who helped us achieve this great nomination and we look forward to continue providing innovative, safe, and unique products to our customers.

    For more information on our products, visit

    Dr.Love and GETMAXXX

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