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Because not everyone can store sex toys on top of their dresser.

After years as a sex toy owner and then reviewer, I've had to learn discretion. Some toys just don't lend themselves to living situations that require discretion. Do you live in a dorm? An apartment, suite, or house with roommates? Do you live at home with a nosy family? Are you traveling? I can help.

I've brought together a selection of products that aren't high maintenance (heavy cleaning can be a hassle if you don't have a private sink), are easy to store or hide, aren't so loud that they'll hear it next door, and just plain make your life easier. And more fun!

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Acute Acute
$31.44 $36.99
Versatile, comfortable, affordable, small enough to hide easily. Shape is fantastic for g- and p-spot play, works very well in a harness.


Mistress Mistress
$50.39 $62.99
Very versatile, easy to store, smooth design makes it easy to clean.


Under the bed restraint system Under the bed restraint system
$31.50 $69.99
Easy to keep set up but hidden at the same time; fast set up and put away time; easy to clean.


Joque harness Joque harness
$89.21 $104.95
Incredibly comfortable and stable; shower safe; easy to clean (toss in the washing machine)


Anti bacterial toy cleaner Anti bacterial toy cleaner
$6.79 $7.99
Great for cleaning toys when you don't have access to a private sink. Non-irritating, even to my picky skin!


New comers strap-on kit New comers strap-on kit
$26.99 $35.99
Good starting harness kit; shower-safe, both dildo and harness are easy to clean (harness can go in the washing machine)


Sportcuffs Sportcuffs
$16.79 $23.99
Decent inexpensive cuffs, easy to clean and store

Total products: 7
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