Do you think knitting is a feminine hobby?

Do you think knitting is a feminine hobby?

mmike1900 mmike1900
I find it easy to picture a woman of any age knitting. However, I have never seen a man, especially a rugged man, knit. In the comment section, can any of you tell me if you know guys who enjoy knitting.
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65  (65%)
Yes, but only if you are knitting while listening to The Weather Girls.
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Angelica Angelica
Knitting should be a unisex hobby and there are movements to get men more involved. I believe stich and bitch has a great book for patterns for guys to make. I wont look at anyone funny for knitting, regardless of gender, but I will ask if you knit english or continental!
AndroAngel AndroAngel
I don't think any hobby can really be classified as feminine, one society or culture might view it as feminine, but the activity itself isn't.
mistressg mistressg
I love the third option.
null null
I voted yes, but that's because when I make chainmaille in public, older men assume I'm knitting because "that's a good thing for girls your age to do".
Chilipepper Chilipepper
The first experience I had around knitting was my ex-step-father knitting himself a grey cardigan. I didn't regard it as odd, really, it was just something that he did.

(Although he was bisexual, but he never told my Mom. She found out much later after he ran away ... she was pissed when she wasn't allowed to donate blood anymore because of his shenanigans he never told her about. He was a total man-whore while they were married.)
indiglo indiglo
I don't know any men who knit, but I wouldn't think of it as a feminine hobby. It's just an activity. I would love to learn how, maybe I will eventually. I'd love to learn how to spin yarn too, I've been saving my dog's undercoat for a long time because I want to get it spun into yarn and make something really special for myself.
Taylor Taylor
I've only known one guy who knits, but I didn't know him all that well but he seemed like a fairly normal guy. I thought it was awesome that he wasn't embarrassed about it even though a lot of his friends teased him about it after he said he could knit. I guess his grandma had taught him one summer that he was staying with them because he was super bored and she wanted to keep him busy.
SMichelle SMichelle
I don't know any male knitters, but I don't think that there's anything wrong with men knitting. In fact, I think it's really cool that some do, and I tried for months to teach my ex to knit.
Mihoshi4301 Mihoshi4301
I think anyone who wants to knit should, but I don't know any guys who knit. I only know a few people who actually do though, anyway.
Rossie Rossie
I don't know any men who knits, I also don't know too many women who knits neither, people are too busy attending to their daily chores nowadays.
authorzero authorzero
I've never knitted in my life. I don't even know many women my age who knit.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Knitting is an art, so I've always thought of it as a gender-neutral thing. I only know one man who knits right now, and I wish I could talk him into making me this sweater that I LOVE and have a pattern for but can't make for myself.
laceypanties laceypanties
Knitting is so sexy! Anyone seen the L word when Alice knits a harness for her strap-on?
zeebot zeebot
I know men who knit! They exist, there's just fewer of them. I know tons of people who knit, it's getting super popular. Plus, it's super awesome.
geliebt geliebt
I knew OF a couple guys who were knitters when I was in high school, but I've never really known any! I don't think there's any issue at all with guys knitting, though.
onehotmomma onehotmomma
I don't think it's a feminine hobby. I know more than a few guys who can knit or crochet, and I can't for the life of me! I think the guys think it's a feminine talent, since as it's a "we do not speak of this" type of thing, and I only know since we've been friends forever.
SugarLips SugarLips
I personally do not think any hobby is feminine or masculine as long as you want to do it and have fun doing it. I do, however, believe that it is portrayed in media and is seen by society as a feminine hobby.

My dad learned how to crochet as a kid and apparently was pretty good at it and made lots of blankets for my grandma and other family members but then stopped doing it as he got older. I also dated a guy who knit (but he wasn't very good at it!)
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by mmike1900
I find it easy to picture a woman of any age knitting. However, I have never seen a man, especially a rugged man, knit. In the comment section, can any of you tell me if you know guys who enjoy knitting.
Since I have seen male pro athletes talk about doing it as a very relaxing and "portable" hobby...often taught to them by a mother or grandma, NO..there is nothing "feminine" about it.
Theaadrian Theaadrian
I said no, because I don't think it should be, and i know guys who knit. But i think the majority of knitters ore women. It's a stereotype.
Lily Night Lily Night
I don't know any guys who knit, but I would definitely be up to learn. I think it has something to do with my manly need to create things, especially things that keep me warm in the winter.
Valentinka Valentinka
I've seen a guy who knits on TV. He is actually quite great at it, makes a lot of beautiful clothes for his family, knits dolls, flowers and many other things.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
It is just the way it has ended up that it is mostly women that do it. I know in my circle, the men all think I am a nut for loving crocheting so much. They all razz me until they want a hat or scarf.
LilMissSub LilMissSub
Yes, I think it's a feminine hobby, but I also don't think that's okay. I would be 100% okay with men doing it but it's just not the way it is so I cannot define it as unisex.

I'm an equalist, but I still can't look at activities not frequented by both genders as unisex.
MeliPixie MeliPixie
I think it's only a feminine hobby because of society... Say, often a man won't learn to knit or crochet or sew because it's "girly," and people who see a man who DOES do it, view him as such. It's a vicious cycle. I have a lot of respect for people who do things that are considered to be hobbies for the opposite sex.
Gingy Gingy
I wish i knew how to knit
sexydelphia sexydelphia
i have never seen a man knit or know a man who knows how to knit. but i think they should do it if they want
Chirple Chirple

He's best known as This Guy.

The only person I've seen knitting on my college campus was some guy in the library.
Daemonin Daemonin
I have never seen a guy knit, but I don't think of it as "feminine." A lot of women at my college knitted, but I went to a women's college, so I just saw a lot of women in general. They did know guys that knit, but I never met them. A lot of guys just don't want to be made fun of, unfortunately.
lexical lexical
I do think it's very traditionally feminine, personally. Although I do know a guy who crochets lace doilies. We'd be out at a bar and he'd be crocheting away...

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