What do you put on Homemade Pizza?

What do you put on Homemade Pizza?

TakeHimAway TakeHimAway
What do you put on yours?!
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Zombirella Zombirella
Cheese, mushrooms and pepperonis. Homemade pizza sounds SO good. I barely ate anything for dinner and of course it's almost midnight here and I'm starving .
humblepie humblepie
Pesto, mushrooms, onion, and sausage!
EvilHomer EvilHomer
Last one I made was, olive oil and garlic sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, avocados, red pears, red onions, sweet peppers, and corn.
Annemarie Annemarie
We make pizza regularly with homemade dough, sauce, and so on.

I usually do a thick layer of tomato sauce, onions and garlic, then a great layer of cheese (usually mozzarella, feta, and parmesan, but may include other things from the fridge), and some pineapple and shredded grilled Italian chicken, with more cheese on top.

But sometimes! I do the regular sauce/onions&garlic/ch eese layers and then do some basil and sundried tomatoes and mushrooms.

It really depends on my mood.
mistressg mistressg
Cheese, veggies, etc.
sexyfun sexyfun
I buy plain dough at my local grocery store. Then start with a base of BBQ sauce (a good one, where sugar or high fructose corn syrup is not the first ingredient). Next I put cheese on it, usually some spicy cheese like 'chipotle chedder', 'buffalo chedder' or 'pepper jack'. Then I cook it for about 8 minutes or until the cheese is melted, then I take it out and cover it with Chili Cheese Fritos and a little more cheese, and cook it for 5 minutes longer.
It's amazing
puppylove puppylove
My favorite is making the pizza on the grill with some cilantro pesto, grilled shrimp or chicken and veggies
married with children married with children
alittle bit of everything.
indiechick indiechick
Originally posted by TakeHimAway
What do you put on yours?!
Carmalized sweet onions, ground buffalo, bacon, bbq sauce


Chick bacon RANCH (ranch instead of red sauce for those who have never experienced)
LovesAPoet LovesAPoet
I usually put cheese, onion, pepperoni, sausage and green pepper on my homemade pizza.
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