how do i join this club?

how do i join this club?

tlaskowski tlaskowski
can anyone help me on joining this club?
i love to cook!
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Antipova Antipova
You just did!

There are a few great ways to participate. One is just visiting us on the forums, like you're doing right now. People will post questions, or suggestions, and you can help answer and share what you know, or you can ask questions yourself.

Another great way to participate is to come to the club meetings. You can check for our upcoming meetings by clicking here and expanding "upcoming events," or be checking in at the Club Blog for updates. Actually, the Club Blog opening page gives a good introduction to the club.

Those are the two basic ways to participate---but there are more, if you want to go above and beyond! We also have a cookbook project going right now, so if you want to contribute a recipe, come to the cookbook sign-up sheet and sign up! There's also the Club Blog Symposium, and you can read the entries that members have put up so far, and if you want to contribute your own, send me a message.

And finally, we're always open to new ideas---so if you've got a great one, let me know!
Jul!a Jul!a
Hey there! Joining most clubs is really easy, why don't you read this thread I put together about this very subject?

Edit: I see Antipova beat me to the punch
tlaskowski tlaskowski
Thanks guys!
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