Eden Bloggers: Tuesday 03.01.11 - Wednesday 03.16.11

Eden Bloggers: Tuesday 03.01.11 - Wednesday 03.16.11

Kayla Kayla
This is a thread for you to share your blog posts with the community. We have a ton of sex toy reviews posted here on EdenFantasys; we ask that you only post non-review posts on this thread.

Please use the following format when sharing a post:

- Title of Blog
- Title of Post
- Publication Date
- A brief description of your blog or post

Just as an FYI, this month's EdenBloggers meeting is on March 31st. This month's topic is "How To Get Inspiration for Blog Posts".
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Kayla Kayla
Kinky Life
Past-Abuse Slavery
A post about my concerns about people who've been in abusive relationships going quickly into kink-related ones
Kayla Kayla
Kinky Life
The World - On Speed
A post about my new job, what I should be posting on Kinky Life, and my life in general. Pretty boring, huh?
Dusk Dusk
Dusk (in chains)
Relay for Life
A post about why I'm joining Relay for Life this year.
Woman China Woman China
Woman's Squid Penis with Pimples...

March 09, 2011
Woman's Squid Penis with Pimples....

The story behind the story of the story that is of the squids penis with pimples. And excerpt of my latest story, and a remind of the gift certificate give away for EdenFantasys.
RosesThorns RosesThorns
Domestic Discipline

March 7 2011

A bit about domestic discipline.
Woman China Woman China
Sharing is Caring at Saint Mary's... an erotic story

March 13, 2011
Sharing is Caring at Saint Mary's... an erotic story. The story continues only this time... things don't always go her way.

Don't forget to drop a comment for a chance to win in the away for thirty dollars!!! EdenFantasys gift certificate give away on The World According to Woman
Epicurean Epicurean
Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

March 13, 2011
I'm thinking of getting a hood piercing! Did my in-person research today.
seaofneptune seaofneptune
Sea of Neptune
Currently Sexually Frustrated
A quick post about how I am having trouble dealing with being sexually frustrated
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