#EdenLit - (03.2012) - Second person Perspective - My Turn, Part 1 (Intro?)

#EdenLit - (03.2012) - Second person Perspective - My Turn, Part 1 (Intro?)

Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
I reach down and grab your neck with one hand pulling your lips to mine in a passionate kiss as our tongues intertwine in your mouth moving first across your cheek and then softly wrestling between and over and around each other. You try to reciprocate but realize your hands are held in place above you by my free hand as I move down to lightly nibble your neck and trace a line of bites from your chin to your earlobe. Working one handed, I secure the velcro cuffs in place around your wrists, locking your hands together above you. You gasp slightly in surprise and struggle slightly to test the bonds that have so suddenly appeared.

"Not fair," you pout. "This was supposed to be my turn."

"I know, my pet, but I changed my mind," I smile mischievously.

With your hands now occupied, I can really begin to focus my attention on the rest of you. Cupping your face in both hands, I gently kiss your eyes, then nose, cheeks and finally lightly caress your lips with mine.

"Trust me," I say.

You nod as you strain forward trying to make contact, your lips searching for mine as I stay just out of reach teasing you with my caresses. Once more I descend to your neck lightly kissing and biting as you struggle against the bonds trying to reciprocate but I remain just out of reach. I exhale across your earlobe, the hot breath teasing against the sensitive skin as I bare my teeth and bite down while lightly cupping and massaging your breast with my left hand. Releasing your earlobe I kiss my way down your chest, lightly teasing your skin with my tongue as I lightly flick it as I kiss with my lips slightly parted. Reaching the top of your perfect breast I trace a line with my tongue around the circumference and lightly tease and kiss and taste my way around getting ever closer to your nipple. I am rewarded as the skin lightly puckers and the nipple begins to harden in anticipation. Stopping just before I reach it I move over to the other breast using my fingers to continue the ministrations on the first. I lightly tease and caress the tender flesh of your breast as your areola begins to harden fully. With my mouth I clamp my lips around the nipple of your other breast and without warning bite down forcefully shocking a gasp of pleasure/pain out of you. I continue gnawing on your rapidly hardening breast as a shiver runs through you and your skin becomes prickles with gooseflesh from the stimulation.

Leaning back on my haunches I admire your heaving chest with your nipples puckered, neck slightly flushed and beginning to glow with a light sheen of sweat. Seeing you are sufficiently aroused, I once more bend my lips to yours and deeply and passionately kiss you, forcing my tongue past your lips drawing your breath into my lungs until you break away gasping for air.

As you are catching your breath, you feel the collar slip around your neck and hear the snap as it is locked into place. A slight smile teases your lips as I once more claim you for my own for the night. Lost in your anticipation and thoughts, you don’t notice the extra weight on the collar and gasp suddenly as the alligator clamps snap shut around your nipples and you feel the cool weight of the chain resting against your flushed skin. As you squirm adjusting to the new sensation the chains tighten first on the left then the right as you lightly toss your head from side to side. The chains are just long enough to lay slack if you are resting perfectly still. Any movement of your neck or head causes at least one of the chains to pull taught and tug at your nipples.

You begin to settle and adjust to the sensations and I slowly tighten the screws on the clamps to apply just the pressure I want as the rubber coated tips tighten down on the nipple pinching quite hard, but not breaking the skin. The chains are actually two that have been looped separately through the ring on your collar and are connected together by a third chain that snakes down between your breasts and currently rests peacefully on your abdomen. To test the tension, I grab this chain and give a firm and steady pull causing your nipples to be pulled and stretched towards your chin. I continue pulling until your nipples are nicely stretched out and distended as soft moans emanate from your lips and I see your eyes are half-closed and you are gently biting the luscious fullness of your bottom lip reveling in the sensations shooting through your breasts.

Keeping up the tension, I bend down and lightly flick my tongue against the distended flesh of your nipples below the clamps. Your moans become little staccato gasps of pleasure each time my tongue contacts the sensation-laden flesh. I let the chains again go slack as I move up your body once more and forcefully kiss your lips then replace your teeth on your bottom lip with mine as I gently bite down and pull your lip into my mouth to suck and nibble it briefly. Your body presses against mine as our kiss extends and I know that I have you just where I want you. I breathe deeply inhaling your scent deep into my lungs. The light smell of sweat and soap has now mingled with the distinct musky scent of arousal as you have already begun getting wet. I smile to myself knowing that this sign means you will be multi-orgasmic and begging me for release sooner than later.

I kiss my way down your body pausing briefly to lovingly kiss the ample flesh of your bosoms, kissing from side to side and once more allowing my tongue to peek between my lips to tease the skin with its warmth and moisture. As my lips continue their journey along your torso, I use my hands to massage the base of your breasts and the sides, releasing the pressure from the chains on your nipples. I gently knead the flesh and tease the base of your nipples with my fingertips as my tongue reaches your navel. I tease you darting my tongue into and around it tongue-fucking it as if it were a miniature vagina. The absurdity of this mixed with the warm feeling running through your torso causes you to giggle deeply pulling you taught against your bonds and the chains once more tug at your nipples turning your laughs into slight moans of pleasure. I move my hands to your shoulders and firmly massage them down to relax and release the tension on your arms and allow you to relax a little as I nuzzle your mons pubis with my chin kissing lightly as my lips begin to be teased and tickled slightly by the triangle of short hairs I encounter on my slow journey to your pussy.

I glide my hands down your sides massaging the muscles underneath slightly as I keep up the pressure on their way to your hips. I gently kiss my way to top of your vulva as my hands reach your hips moving over the tops of your thighs to rest lightly on the upper inside of your quadriceps. I push your legs apart with my forearms as I kiss lightly down the inside of your right leg just skirting the edge of your sex. I mirror this pattern on your left leg as I massage my hands to rest under your thighs now allowing me to move and position them in any way I choose.
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
mmmhmmmm, whew, that would be second perspective alright!
StarFire StarFire
wow i'll be back in 20
Celtic Pixie Celtic Pixie
Yummy, nice play of words
PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
Originally posted by Cedarlooman
I reach down and grab your neck with one hand pulling your lips to mine in a passionate kiss as our tongues intertwine in your mouth moving first across your cheek and then softly wrestling between and over and around each other. You try to ...
Cederlooman, you did a fantastic job here. I really enjoyed reading your story!
Woman China Woman China
Good use using the second person perspective. How long did this one take you to write?
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
Thanks all. It started out as a longer story, but I got stuck and lost my muse for a while and just couldn't get back to finishing it at the time.

Woman, I actually wrote it rather quickly. I think it took me less than two hours. I went back to continue it and spent over an hour just on the last paragraph, and couldn't get it rolling. I will pick it up again and continue it at some point I hope. Actually, when inspiration strikes and I have the time all my writing is rather quick. My Evolution of a Kiss story took me less than 4 hours to write and that included my going through and editing it for overuse of words, tense, etc.
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