#EdenLit - July 2012 Poetry: Lost to be Home

#EdenLit - July 2012 Poetry: Lost to be Home

Woman China Woman China
Laying in Wait

You came to me like a jolt from the blue
I rose to what you offered and gave with all I had to give
What was, now is
The pain of hunger knows nothing

The time passed
We grew stronger

I feel empty
in wait.

I shall wait for you,
I always will
Return, to grow along side me once more
Let us continue to share who we are
to what we can be together

and apart
we are

You've taken who I am
made me your own
I feel you with me
My thoughts to be shared

Greedy, I know I am of you
My want for you knows no bounds
Does it matter?
Do I care?
Do you?

To take your heart
holding it within my own,
I shall wait for you
Till the sun is no more

Feeling Lost

There is no up, no down
Trying to find my centre.
I miss being grounded
certain, knowing.

I found it
I found what I have always
been looking for.

I found


I found it, and took hold of it
Holding it so
Never wanting to loose it
I've never had it before
Never knew what I was missing
Never knew how it was supposed to be
Never really know much I was incomplete
Broken, shattered.
Pieces of me lay in shards like broken glass
everywhere for all to look at on display.

I wish I could make it easy
to go back to the way I was
unfeeling, cold, distant. Apart.
I wish I could let it go
I wish i didn't feel
I wish it didn't hurt
I wish I had the answer.
But then what's the point?

Is there a point?

I feel,
like I am alone, just hurting.
A pain, that is so real
but so unseen.
I need to find my way,
I need to stop feeling so lost.
So broken.
I need to find my compass,
I need to find my heart.


At a blank page.
Words don't come.
They don't appear.

Everything I feel,
is naked.


There is so much to say.
So many unspoken words.


What is it?
When did I know it?
How did it come to pass that I
should feel it too?

I was locked,
my heart behind closed walls.
Now its on display for all who care to see.
It feels. Your heart.

The wonder I feel at the thought of you,
the warm look in your eyes.
When did I know
that I loved you?
When did I know
that you loved me?

was it one fully awake moment?
was it a passing thought?
was it always there?
was it a dream?

Our hearts so far away
beating as one
Pressed so close,
Only our flesh in the way
of becoming one
Seems like oceans apart.

Your light you shine for me
My smile is yours
Your joy you give to me
My thoughts are yours
Your heart you gave to me
My heart is yours.

Any more words
would make it seem
that the love we have
can be defined


Laying in wait
content within your arms
Feeling lost
basking in your smile
the Purity
I feel
to you.

Your broke through my defenses
Tore them down till they were nothing.
I am open
defenseless in this harsh world we call ours

Kiss me
Make it right
Make me more than what I am.

In total abandon
Within your touch

The puzzle pieces of life

Shall I ignore?
Shall I seek?
Shall I continue to discover
more of who I am?

My walls be broken,
but my heart soars
For the first time I can remember
I feel love.

You are in me
buried so within me.
Our hearts share
what our bodies lack
and our bodies share
the solace of home.

Let me find you
take you out of the bitterness.
Let me comfort you,
find the peace of being one.

My heart struggling to breathe.
My body fights the sea of air
that surrounds me

You smiled at me.

I found home.
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
You know I read this and I understand where it is possibly coming from but then I thought...it describes giving birth and I mean the whole process up to the snuggling after. The whole process that turns a woman into a Mother and a fetus into a Child.
Love it.
thornrose thornrose
wow that is just beautiful.
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
Very nice freeform. I am not one who is huge into poetry, but it kept me reading, so that is something. Great job.
Woman China Woman China
Thanks ThornRose and CedarLooMan!

Glad you enjoyed this!!!
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