#EdenLit - July 2012 Poetry: Ode to the TV

#EdenLit - July 2012 Poetry: Ode to the TV

Woman China Woman China
Welcome to how my brain works.... If you like cult TV programs... carry on!!!

Ode to The Trek

Zephron Cochran, the father of warp technology
Introverted? I think not, he enjoyed his booze and women
“Voila!” he said, “I shall make the first time warp jump!”

Did he make it we all wonder?
“Very good! Live Long and Prosper”, said Picard

Go on now to the future
From then till now we meet the
“Romulans! Those pointy eared devils!” according to Jim
“Off with their heads”
Oops! Wrong movie!

“K’plah” is the cry of war for the Klingons
“Obi wan!” screams Luke
And I can never keep my movies straight!
Bones with his medical kit
Really working hard to show his like the Vulcan
Many will live long, but few will prosper
Troi, with her Betazoid abilities, “I sense… it all Captain. ”

Now is the time to go, said the Prophets to the Sisko
Zany thoughts rush through my head
Of Star trek, Odo and me!

An Ode to the Gate

Down in the depths of Mount Cheyenne
arrived a man as handsome as can be
returning is he to accept a claim
“Live long and prosper” oh! Not again!
Instinct he has to cover his bum
N’eil, What? Oh! O’Neill, with two L’s not one
Gone down into the depths of Mount Cheyenne

McKay the Canuk with his Zed-Pee-Em
Atlantis is key,
“you must bring down the Gouda- I mean the Snake Heads Eight!”
“Ben! Ben Kenobi!” blast it! That’s Wars! Not Gate!
Enemies not Thor, nor the rest of the Guards of As

Ori are foes and the
Nox are friends and well just so ya’ know
Earth is my home!

Dakara is home to the Jaffa Kree!
Aliens not the Fifth Race
You must forgive, I’ve lost my marbles and mace!

If I might interject for one moment in the space time continuum
Just Pffft! On you my worthy friend

Wraith they are, they suck your life
Involve me not, in that pale skin folly
Superman, the man in tights,
Have he the courgae when the Genii have not?
Explain to me this sentence true
Smallville? Or Stargate? Which one is this Ode be too?

Were we to go to the original episode two,
Horses and riders and concubines!

I would say Sam is a hottie
Would I be a man, save for that techno gabber

Own I do, all box sets
One wonder for aliens far and wide, O’Niell’s a
Stud with one L or two!!!!!

And Ode to The House

House. That mad man on vicodine a
Sarcastic lover with the peircing eyes
Bloody brilliant how is that? Don't ask me!

Anal rentitive about rubrics and Cuddy
A broad on a mission with the brains of a man
Who keeps Foerman guessing one, two or could it be three?

"You're on your own!" Shouts Bailey
"We're no where near ready!" whines Meridith
"Shut up you idiots! Just give me a pill!" commands House
Done it again! You're in the wrong show! D'OH

The halls be long at Princeton Plainboro
"See this? It's mine! Vicodine! MINE!"
Wilson shouts, "House, you're scarring the patients!"
To which our thumbs be twiddling, and our tongues be wagging
Cameron enter's stage right, "Climbing stairs he did fall"
When did we return to Gaters of Stars or was that Wars?

I beg to differ, Greg House is no curmudgeon
Almost OD'ing on pills (and not the birth ones I might add)

Ok, have I bored you yet enough?
So off with his head!
Of not off if he wants to keep it!
Wilson a friend, indeed up to here (I'm pointing at my head!)
Smack my head dead center, what have I gotten into!

You, Wilson once attempted to spike-
Oh! No way! Now onto James Marsters????
YAY! James you are hot stuff!

More than daises I'd wish to part
House's bitch, oh no not I
It's a non issue for one who is
But when James loves House, I wonder if they're gay?
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Ahhhhhh television poetry! How your words move me. ENCORE!!
I would snap my fingers in the appropriate manner if it could be heard over the meaningless chatter...wait no I must write poetry of my own.
I can see the little round tables and the smoke haze as you passionately tell us about your endless search for something to watch.
Woman China Woman China
Those ruddy commercials kept on a coming and all I could think of was OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!

Hope you go a chuckle!!!
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
This was rambling and convoluted and crossing over and, and...wow. I loved them. All three. An awesome Television Tryptic (With more than a little bit of cinema thrown in!)

Yay! Easily my favourites so far for this month.
SneakersAndPearls SneakersAndPearls
Loved the Star Trek one. I don't know much about Stargate (it was Stargate, right?) or House (hubby has a mild fear of hospitals. No House for us. Although, I Hugh Laurie.
ScarletFox ScarletFox
I love it, I adore anything that is linked with Fandom!
Woman China Woman China
Originally posted by SneakersAndPearls
Loved the Star Trek one. I don't know much about Stargate (it was Stargate, right?) or House (hubby has a mild fear of hospitals. No House for us. Although, I Hugh Laurie.
It was indeed Stargate!!! I do love the Gate!!
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