#EdenLit - Meeting Recap and Topic Assignments (08.2012)

#EdenLit - Meeting Recap and Topic Assignments (08.2012)

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
This month's meeting was a bit of a bust but I think it was the time change and nothing more. I am asking the club members to weigh in on what time works best for them here on this post. I am highly flexible but I know some of you aren't. So let me know...I'll also be looking over the poll and collating that data so we do what's best for the club.

Anyhow, Poetry was a smash hit! We have added another open topic for poetry, so keep it coming. Now that doesn't mean we have done away with the open topic, just that we're recognizing a deep well spring of inspiration here at EF and we're tapping into it!

To that end I'll be posting some guides and fun lessons on different types of poetry all month long. Take a look and give it a try, who knows you might discover a latent talent. My first small lesson is on the art of the humble Limerick. Yes it is an art form even if it's a deceptively simple one!

Congratulations to Woman China for being our first featured artist on SexIs Magazine! Hop on over and check out the write up. This will be a monthly feature for the club and the qualifications for being featured are very difficult: write, post what you write, show up for (or give us your feedback) on the monthly meeting forum. You could also do some cheer leading for the club...but that's totally up to you! (ok who else is picturing CedarLooman in a cheer leading outfit?)

The topics this month are:
*Poetry Open- Share with us your deepest thoughts, or silliest whimsy. Try your hand at a limerick or two. Whatever, however, you decide!
*Open Topic- Have you got some scorching erotica, great non-fiction, or even some fantasy fiction that you'd love to share? This would be the place to do just that.
*Story Start- This is a different sort of event. What I will do is write a generic prompt that each story must begin with, where you take it is up to you. You can go wild, keep it simple, or speak from the heart.

Story Start:
I am not really sure how I got here. I woke up this morning and realized that my world had begun to revolve around these rituals I felt compelled to perform. I made my coffee, ate a bowl of cereal, greeted the family, and then sat down at my desk and logged in. I can't say that I am unhappy with my life, it's just that it's not what I pictured when I was younger. I wanted my life to mean something, to be too exciting for words! Now, I am just happy if excitement gets bored waiting for me to log off and finds someone else's life to rearrange. Still, in those quiet moments when the world is sleeping I dream.

Ok, so copy and paste the above story start to your post and then carry on! There's lots of room for you to twist and turn this into whatever you envision. Have fun and see you next Month (09/10/2012).
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Ansley Ansley
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
The story start looks fun. I may give that a go (GO TEAM GO!) if I can find some time to get some writing in. Start of the school year is always crazy and I have something going on every weekend for the next two months...
ChuChii ChuChii
Im excited This is great.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
~Bump~ Story start is a great one! It can go anywhere. Give it a try.
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