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The Eden Lit Club is cleaning out and redecorating its clubhouse! It's an exciting time for the club as we are changing, rearranging and redefining who and what we are.

  Featured Writer- Woman China

This Month we opened the flood gates and decided to explore poetry: good, bad, happy, and somewhat darker poetry! The response was incredible and it seems that our community has a real hankering for poetic expression. The submissions were fun, thoughtful, silly, heartwarming, and even, in some cases, alarming. One writer, in particular, took this month's topic and ran away with it! Her poems ran the gambit from silly to much deeper and thoughtful. Our readers were delighted and asked for more from Woman China! She happily obliged with yet another stunning but lush poem entitled, "Thoughts of a Patron". Here's an excerpt from that poem:

"Your Hunger won't help you now,"
The goddess told the beast
As her mouth spoke the words, her hunger grew.

Ask for not,
You are willing to be mine, says she
Waiting at the table, she speaks
A Lady, raised by status

Gone from my sight, she thunders her chorus
He wonders what went wrong between then and now
What muse spoke her name? Whispered in her ear?
The pain of leafs brushing her chin, can't find her now
The goddess reviews her blabbering, thinking kindly on the beast
Thinking twice, she does, a good habit she retains
"Let's not quarrel, My love." She lovingly touches the beasts face
He looks confused, somewhat shocked, the hillbilly he is, lost at her change.

Woman China has been a very active member of the Eden Lit club from almost the very beginning. Her work is poignant, funny, erotic and always worth reading. To read more of her excellent work, including a very amusing "Ode to TV" check out our monthly meeting forum for August where the clickable list will have you reading and critiquing in no time flat.

  More Information About The Club

Each month I post a meeting forum one week before the actual date of the meeting. In this forum I list all the work in a clickable format so that readers have a quick and easy time navigating to the work. Readers and other writers are encouraged to leave helpful critiques on the work itself or come to the meeting and offer critique to the writer in person.

A day or so after each meeting, I post a meeting recap detailing all the lessons we discussed, all decisions made by the club, and the topics we suggest. The topics run the gambit of silly, vague, and extremely detailed, but they are always a challenging and fun way to get the creative juices flowing. Since our mission is to improve our writing skills, we also offer an open topic that writers can use to post whatever they are working on. We no longer require a piece to be completely finished, but if you are looking for some help with a particularly stubborn piece, you may be paired off with another writer for some really in depth help. In the future we will be tackling such topics as: common grammar mistakes, character and dialogue development, as well that giant bug-a-boo- writer's block!

We have moved the time of the meeting a couple of hours earlier, so we meet every month on the second Monday of the month from 3 pm EST to 5pm EST on the forums at EdenFantasys. We look forward to seeing you there!



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