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Parents Outraged, Students Supportive of Erotica-Writing Teacher

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Top-rated teacher under fire for side career of 20 years.



People need to find better things to complain about than the harmless hobbies people have in their spare time... you know, like children starving to death in Africa instead of (gasp) getting exposed to a teacher who happens to write about sex.


I thought english classes where suppose to broaden people horizens. If I had to read the damn Lord of the Flies book in middle school they better allow erotica because at least it's not murder, blood and gore. Unless you get into the really kinky side. But knowledge comes in handy.


Pity that she is beign harrassed. The teacher kept her job seperate from her writing.


People need to grow up. Is our society so closed minded and prudent that they can't handle erotica? It would be different if she were discussing her novels in class or making the students read them, but just because she writes and even uses a pen name doesn't mean she should be penalized for it. Guess what, writing and reading erotica is legal.



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