Guilty Plesures - Did I just Dream of The Guilty Plesures

Guilty Plesures - Did I just Dream of The Guilty Plesures

Izzaba Izzaba
The Guilty Pleasures I keep in side of my mind, they are hidden so deeply of you're and mine. Their sensual lingering for me only to see The Beauty of what you can only give to me. These are only for me to have and no one else to see.

I need to come to you, even if I can only in dream. To stand before you and only for you to see. I stand naked in mind, body and spirit, I give to you for the taking. You just need to take them any part of them.

I can feel your hands soft yet firm on my skin, sending waves of pleasure though out my body and soul. Only you know what sensation you make me feel.

You put on your alter to show me ways of creating what you want in me to bring out what you see in me. I sacrifice my self to only you. You know the ways to make me show my all to you.

You have told me what you see the beauty you can draw out of me, if I would fully give myself to you.

These are the Guilty Pleasures to be taken from time to time.

When I can't feel your touch I am left craving them.

I need to know if you even there or real. Did I just dream of you and your altar?
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ScarletFox ScarletFox
Oh this is very lovely.
Izzaba Izzaba
Originally posted by ScarletFox
Oh this is very lovely.
Thank you
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Gawd let's hope it's not a dream, eh? WOW! Brava.
Mistress Dragon Mistress Dragon
Please let the dream be real. That is a really good one. Love it.
Izzaba Izzaba
It's real, the bad part is I can't be on his alter any more. The Dom I am with make me very happy also even more that the one the story is about.
Woman China Woman China
Well done and touching poem.
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