March Meeting Recap & Assignments

March Meeting Recap & Assignments

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
March Meeting Recap and Assignments

Wow what a meeting we had this month! Stormy stopped by and offered us a writing topic that just sizzles with possibilities. You know how you've been seeing a sort of site-wide theme for EF over this last month? The theme was Sexy You! in case you missed the hundereds of little reminders
Anyhow she share with us the theme for next month and then asked if we would like to write on that theme. Would we? Try and stop us! After a few clarifications of what is and is not really acceptible the club was buzzing about the whole idea.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the amazing work posted by the members and missing the ones who couldn't be there with us this month. We took a look at Second Person Perspective (narrative) and decided that this is such a challenging perspective that it could be the topic #1.
To recap:
Second Person Narrative is very difficult to maintain and fairly under used in literature. It involves turning the listener/reader into a participant in the story. It uses "you" as the focal point perspective and attempts to bind the reader to the plot line and draw them into the story in a very intricate and personal way.
This style can be difficult to handle but can place the reader in unfamiliar situations and the author can then explain what the reader should be feeling at that moment to better evoke the response the author is hoping to convey. It can be used to instruct the reader to imagine a scene from a first person perspective with a series of imperative statements. It can be effective but is normally reserved for parts of a work rather than being the total focus of a story. Second Person Narrative is most heavily used in poetry and song lyrics as well as instructive writing.
Second person Narrative can be used in all tenses: Past, present and future. For example: You did that, you are doing this, and soon enough you will start doing that!
Think of this perspective as building a recipe with your reader. You list the ingredients needed, instruct the reader how to combine them and then describe what the product should look, feel, taste like. In this perspective you are telling the reader what they should think and feel, know and remember. It is a powerful tool it just takes practice to perfect.

Then we decided to have a little fun and revisited our previous 5 word game. The words are really, really strange....

The topics this month are:
*Write a piece in second person narrative (perspective)- You choose what to write about but you MUST maintain second person throughout the work. This month the first $25 GC will be chosen from these stories. The person who best maintains the perspective will get a GC!
*Five Words- You must include the words:
*A party
*A vase of Flowers
*Chocolate covered bugs
*A Broom
*Someone who gets poked!
*EdenFantasys Monthly Theme "Expressions Of Love"- We are looking for stories about how you've turnd friendship into romance, how you can identify an expression of love even if it is convoluted in nature, or even how you express your own love towards someone. Erotica is fine but hardocre erotica is not what we are looking for. We're looking for more reality than fantasy here folks!
*Open Topic- Whatever you want to write about is perfectly cool with us!

Ok so you are intrigued and wondering how to post a writing. It's totally simple: write your piece or copy/paste your work to the forum here in this category. You can also post a link to your blog if you wish. Be sure that you include the date of the meeting you want this piece discussed during. This mext meeting would be the April meeting (for example). Also include the topic you are writing about. That's it! If you hit the word limit simply carry over to the reply function and finish the work as a post. If you are replying to a post, as a reader, please note when the work was published and give the author the time he/she needs to finish posting before you give them some feedback!

Our next meeting will be on April 9, 2012 at 7pm EST here in this forum. HOWEVER the EdenFantasys Theme will be open for submissions until April 15, 2012! So you guys should have plenty of time to write for the club and for EF itself.

If you aren't a writer or you are kinda shy then come to our meeting anyway and give us some feedback on our writing. There could be a gift card in it for you!!
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Woman China Woman China
And if you are interested in writing for the #SexyYou take a look at this thread!!!
Ansley Ansley
Thank you WomanChina for posting that link! I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone submits this month!
Woman China Woman China
Originally posted by Ansley
Thank you WomanChina for posting that link! I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone submits this month!
Me too!!!

I've gone a-hunting, but have yet to find where some of the submissions are being posted.

Harold (my brain hamster) is running fast on his wheel trying to put into words what I want to say in the next one!
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Only a few more days before I create the next meeting forum! Writer's please post your writing...remember there will be a gift card for the best example of second person narrative story!

WRITE for the love of little green apples!!!
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