Awesomesauce! Congratulations to Sam on 400 reviews!

Awesomesauce! Congratulations to Sam on 400 reviews!

Sammi Sammi
Wow, congratulations to Sam!!! Our top reviewer has just hit the 400 review mark, and she’s just the second reviewer to do so! Sam’s done some great reviews on every item imaginable, and then some. What a fantastic achievement!

It wasn’t so long ago I got to ask Sam some questions on her admission to the 300 club, and I had more burning questions for her as she joined the 400 club. Here’s what Sam had to say:

What do you think makes a good review? Has this changed since you started reviewing?
When I first started reviewing, I wanted to cover as many details as humanly possible. Reading my first in depth lingerie review you could probably create it at home if you felt so inclined because I got so crazy detailed with the measurements. It got to a point that most of my reviews felt like a mini service manual or something like that. Now I try to keep things detailed without going overboard, but it's hard to find the happy medium between "I didn't need that much detail" and "Could you tell me a little more about this?" I think a good review is one that answers all of the questions that you may have about a product. So I try to write mine like I'm telling a friend about it over coffee or something, and answer all of the questions that I would want to know about it.

How's that candle collection coming?
My candle collection is a bit crazy lol. I have a few small stacking drawers that I got for my wedding that I keep my candles in, and they're full. I could probably squeeze a few smaller candles in, but I don't want anything to sit in another candle's wax. I've been good about it lately though, and I'm trying to burn through all the candles before I buy more. It was working until Illume discontinued their His and Hers scents, and I bought a bunch of the tins from their website.

How many items do you still have? Do you go through them periodically and get rid of ones you aren't so crazy about, and what do you do with them?
I do periodically go through my collection to get rid of things I'm not as fond of. My sister ended up with about half of my lingerie, and my friends have gotten some too. Toys are a bit trickier to get rid of. I hate throwing away stuff that still works but just doesn't work for me, so I offer them to my friends, and I've had a few nice things get snapped up. I've also got a list on the Toy Swap network for things that can be sanitized and used again. Some things I've just thrown out, but these are a few things that I wouldn't wish on my enemies lol.

What one item are you most looking forward to reviewing next?
I have to pick just one? I'm not sure really. I'm super excited to see all of the new lingerie coming in, and I'm even more excited to see things like full tops and dresses and boyshorts because while super skimpy things can indeed be sexy, I don't like having that be my only option. I like to get stuff I can wear out and about and not worry about the fact that it's "bedroom" wear. Those, and more candles

What's your favorite rum?
Can I be super lame and say Malibu? I love how many flavors there are, how easily they all mix in to just about anything I'm drinking, and how easily I can drink it on its own. The fact that it's cheap certainly doesn't hurt anything either.

I'd also like to add that it feels like just yesterday when I started reviewing and was so excited to see each review add to my total number. Quite often it still feels the same to me, that giddy excitement over getting out another review, and it's so hard to believe that I've already written 400 of them. I wouldn't have made it this far without the support of the community, and I love each and every one of you!

Congratulations again, Sam! We look forward to more of your reviews!
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Sammi Sammi
indiglo indiglo
Holy cow - 400 reviews???? That is beyond amazing, I don't even have 10 yet. LMAO Congratulations!!! That is a huge accomplishment!
Jul!a Jul!a
Thanks! It really doesn't feel like 400!
Kindred Kindred
Holy cow! How did I miss this announcement? Congratulations Sam!
BeautifulDarkness BeautifulDarkness
Congrats! I haven't read them all, but the ones that I have I found very helpful.
Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
Wowza! That's a lot of reviews! Way to go!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Congratulations Sam, that's amazing!!!!
Jaimes Jaimes
Congratulations! Great interview!
Jul!a Jul!a
Thanks everybody!
js250 js250
YEAH!!!! I am so impressed, it is a serious accomplishment. A side note: WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU STORE IT AL IN????? Sorry, just thinking about that scares me!
Ansley Ansley
How the hell did I miss this? LOL Congrats hon!
Beck Beck
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Awesomesauce incarnate! You go girl, see ya at 500.
Rarity Rarity
Oh goodness, congratulations!

Imagine that! I bet this is only the tip of the iceberg.
lilly555 lilly555
400 Reviews?!!! That's amazing congratulations Sam
NicNat NicNat
*Huxley* *Huxley*
That is really awesome! Congrats Sam!
I'm working my way up there, slowly but surely.
Jul!a Jul!a
Originally posted by js250
YEAH!!!! I am so impressed, it is a serious accomplishment. A side note: WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU STORE IT AL IN????? Sorry, just thinking about that scares me!
Lol, I have a dresser that holds most of it. I definitely haven't kept everything I've bought lol.
buzzvibe buzzvibe
Congratulations! Very impressive!
Kate Kate
WHOA! Congrats!!!
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
That's amazing! Yay for Malibu Rum. I had a friend come over and proceed to steal one from me lol.

Once again, great job!
Jul!a Jul!a
Thank you all so much!
SMichelle SMichelle
A very late congrats. 400 reviews is awesome!
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