Material Safety of Sil-A-Gel

Material Safety of Sil-A-Gel

Spilock Spilock
I've recently gotten the Mr. Softee dildo for my wife and will have a Softee Ballsy Cock for myself soon, and I'm a little confused on the materials for them. The materials listed on the Eden Fantasys description is rubber for the Mr. Softee and PVC for the Ballsy, yet both boxes state they're Sil-A-Gel. I'll be writing reviews on both of these products soon, so I wanted to clarify my understanding of the material before I dive into those reviews.

From what I've read here, Sil-A-Gel is a Doc Johnson additive that can be added to any material, in order to give it anti-bacterial properties. With that in mind, I can see why EF still lists the materials for each as rubber and PVC, but if that's the case, then why does Eden Fantasys also have products that are specifically listed as Sil-A-Gel?

Aside from that, what would be the preferred practices for these toys? For rubber and PVC, I would assume condoms between use, especially if they're being shared. However, would the Sil-A-Gel anti-bacterial properties make them slightly safer to use without condoms, for either vaginal or anal?

Again, I'm just trying to clarify these material properties before I get into reviewing them. Thanks for any input on this!
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Yes, Sil-A-Gel is an additive that is added to other materials. It is a fairly new addition to the toy world, that is probably why it is not listed on all the product. Plus, the manufacturer does not always inform EF about changes to products. I have written a few reviews where the material included it and it did not show up on the product page.

As far as use goes, I still recommend to use a condom when going from ass to vagina or vise versa and when sharing with different partners. If it can not be sanitized by boiling or bleach, I would not chance it.

For some more info, you might check out this thread and this one.The latter has some info from Doc Johnson's Director of Product Development and Rebecca Weinberg, also from Doc Johnson.
Spilock Spilock
Thanks for the info there. I've seen the latter topic, but hadn't seen the other one. I'm perusing through it now.

Anyways, in my review I'll most likely be discouraging sharing between partners, and definitely will be discouraging sharing between orifices, but I am nonetheless curious about if the antibacterial properties make it relatively safe to use without condoms if it's not being share between partners. Hopefully, one of the Doc Johnson employees can weigh in here on this.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Originally posted by Spilock
Thanks for the info there. I've seen the latter topic, but hadn't seen the other one. I'm perusing through it now.

Anyways, in my review I'll most likely be discouraging sharing between partners, and definitely will be ...
Since I do not share with my wife I can give an answer on that point. But I do use one dil anally without condoms and I have never had a problem. I have heard that using them vaginally may not be good, something about the antibacterial properties and it affecting the natural good bacteria of the vagina.

I am sure that Doc Johnson will chime in, it may not be till Monday though.
Spilock Spilock
That sound pretty close to what I was expecting, in terms of safety. Possibly safe anally, with possible interruptions of bacteria when used vaginally. I've been googling the material for a little while today, and there's been a few people who've complained of allergies and yeast infections from the sil-a-gel component. To me, it sounds like a really good idea for a component, but one that may be a little dicey in execution.

There's actually one other thing I'm hoping someone from Doc Johnson can answer as well. The box for the Softee Ballsy 6" appears to say Phalates free, though I'm not sure if it does or not due to the photo's resolution. I know on some of their Sil-A-Gel toys, things like Latex-free, odorless, and other bullet points apply to the Sil-A-Gel component, and not the toy as a whole. Is the phalates free message in relation to the Sil-A-Gel component, or the dildo's PVC material?
GoneBabyGone GoneBabyGone
Glad I was looking at this. I've noticed toys with antibacterial properties. I haven't purchased any yet but was considering it. Nice to know it could cause problems if used vaginally with no condom. I'll have to keep that in mind when making purchases.
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