#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (02/25/11)

#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (02/25/11)

Kayla Kayla
Want to know what came to our virtual shelves this week? I'm sure you do! I'm pretty excited about these releases too.

We managed to get our hands out the Jopen Vanity Vr1 which is a new insertable egg that resembles most vaginal exercisers. It has one of the neatest technologies that I've ever heard of. In order to change the vibration strengths (and yes, it's rechargeable), you just squeeze your kegal muscles! How amazing is that? It's waterproof like the rest of the Vanity line, and with no crevices, it should be a cinch to clean. I'm not sure if I'll buy this one, but darnit – it's pretty amazing! Just look at the Jopen Vanity Vr1.

Did you ever have a chance to try the original OhMiBod Freestyle? Well, now you can try the g-spot version which is the OhMiBod Freestyle :G. It's wirelesss just like its predesscor, and it comes in a beautiful pink or purple color. This sexy toy is rechargeable, and it vibrates in time to the music you set it with. Is that unique or what? What's keeping you from the OhMiBod Freestyle :G?

This is also the “week of the Little Secrets” as well. We just started carrying the majority of the Tantus Little Secret line this week. This is a new Tantus line that includes a little bullet sleeve on a strong bullet. I own one of these, and I'm really impressed by how sexy and plushy the silicone sleeve is; it's really, really soft! Currently in stock we have the Whisper, Tease, and Spoon. Early next week, we'll have the Touch and Kiss in stock, so add those to your sexy little wishlists!

Which one of these new vibrators are you looking forward to?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Vaginal Egg - Vr1
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OhMiBod Freestyle :G
AW00 , Darling Jen , Bunnycups , Woman China , PiratePrincess , Kayla , BadassFatass , bluekaren , Shellz31
Little Secrets Whisper
Little Secrets Tease
Little Secrets Spoon
namelesschaos , Coralbell
Little Secrets Touch
Little Secrets Kiss
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I am hoping that the VR1 works as good as it looks. Very innovative.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I voted for three little secrets that I want just for their colors.
Darling Jen Darling Jen
I didn't realize I'd be drooling over a kegel exerciser! But it's rechargeable! !!
Sammi Sammi
The Vr1 looks really interesting!
Woman China Woman China
I change my answer to be the VR1!!!!

It is like a reward for doing your exercises!!! "want more intense vibrations? YOU GOTTA WORK FOR IT!!!! SQUEEZE!!!!!"

LOL!!! can you imagine wearing it to work? Giving a lecture and laughing? Squeezing your muscles then going.... oh my!!! Or if you sneeze in a meeting??? THAT could be interesting!!!!
danellejohns danellejohns
Actually, I think I am looking forward to them all. But I felt bad for the two that didn't have votes, I am not into pink so I voted for the Whisper.
Lady Venus Lady Venus
ALL OF THEM!!! drools*
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by Lady Venus
ALL OF THEM!!! drools*
I know; all of the releases make me really happy this week. They're all great.
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