Not pure silicone?

Not pure silicone?

snowlights snowlights
I have the Butt Throb and the main reason I bought it was because it was listed as silicone (and the shape looked good-so many toys have an inadequate base).

I've been reading about material safety lately and prefer to only use real silicone toys. I checked the Rocks Off website and under the material section it lists "silicone rubber." What is that?

I tried the flame test, which shows that true silicone doesn't melt or get sticky. I didn't think anything would happen, but it melted and when I touched the spot, it came off on my finger. I didn't even put the section in the flame, next to it.

I'm pretty disappointed, but was wondering if there's any explanation? I've read the flame test isn't 100% but I've seen videos with other silicone brands (Lelo, Fun Factory etc) and they don't melt.

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Rossie Rossie
That's interesting, the Rocks-Off site claims their silicone material is platinum cured body-safe silicone rubber (or silicone, as we like to call it), so it should not melt so easily. Did you buy yours directly from Rocks-Off, or someplace else?

If you want to know silicone rubber better -- this site is quite easy to understand.
edeneve edeneve
there are manufacturers who label some toys as made of silicone when in fact the material is a blend of silicone & some other component.
SexScienceAndFood SexScienceAndFood
there is another complication here and it also applies to silicone lube. That is, that silicone is generic. Even when you dig down to the ingredient list. An important part which isn't ever discussed, is the degree of polymerization (average chain length and chain length distribution).

For example, dimethecone, which is considered "silicone" by almost all our standards, has organic ligends which can oxidize in combustion. The chain length (C2H6OSi)n can have any value of n and still be considered dimethecone. But different chain lengths will behave chemically differently.
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