Joque Harness with Raquel Dong & Silver Bullet

Joque Harness with Raquel Dong & Silver Bullet

rex73 rex73

Pardon the repost from the "P Spot Perch" - no answers there.

After quite a few years where my wife did not want to do pegging anymore she told me she'd give it another try. I've been a really good boy lately. Full body massages, big raise at work, couple rounds of p90x...just a good hubby.

This was something that sent me through the roof, so I really want to make this work for her.

Our last harness/dong set was the Janine vac-u-lock set. It held in place, but it wasn't very comfortable for her and she didn't get much physical sensation out of it.

It appears to be, based on these boards, that the joque harness is the most comfortable. I bought the "Raquel" pink dildo and the Eden silver bullet to go underneath for her pleasure.

Was this the best route to go? Will the "Raquel" dildo secure that silver bullet enough?

Any info is appreciated. I'd like for her to enjoy it as much as I do, or at least as much as some of the women here who do this.



p.s. Appreciated that some fellas are in my situation, but I would really just appreciate the women's perspective on this one.
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Angelica Angelica
The Joque harness is indeed comfortable, I just got one for my birthday. The harness has a pocket to hold a bullet, but I think the Eden Silver Bullet, if I am correct in my thinking it is the silver egg with the control? Something like the high intensity bullet would fit better than an egg. Your wife could also use a dildo like the Feeldoe or Share with the Joque harness.
nikki lee nikki lee
In my humble opinion, one of the great features of the Joqueâ„¢ is that you can wear your dildo a little lower than in other harnesses. The sensation of having the back of the dildo putting pressure and motion on the clit can definitely do it for some ladies. Especially when you think of it as an extension of you body that is giving pleasure to someone else.
rex73 rex73
Thank you so very much - both of you.
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