Realistic silicone

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Desiree Duffie
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I love your realistic dildos, any chance you guys will be making similar ones in silicone?
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I just received the Vixen Leo dildo. I noticed it has a few tiny bumps on the head and shaft. They're more easily noticeable by feel than sight. Is...

Tear In Silicone Material?
Hey Guys, I did a search, but didn't find the answer to my question. I'm sorry if I missed something. At any rate, I have the Tantus VIP Super Soft,

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Have you have had blood stain a toy before?

Silicone Dildo question
YES, I have read the reviews but I'd still like to hear more about this. What is the difference between the O2 line, the Vixskin line and Happy...
Contributor: Tera Topco (no longer active) Tera Topco (no longer active)
We're always looking at new and exciting products. You never know what's in store for the future But you're right, the industry is missing that nitch!