Can you use the Colossus with other dildos?

Can you use the Colossus with other dildos?

veggieguy veggieguy
Someone mentioned that it was possible to use the Colossus with other (smaller) dildos. As I really like the VixSkin material I'm thinking of getting the Colossus in order to use it with a smaller dildo.

Has anyone ever tried this?
How big can the dildo to use with it be? And which material should it be made of? Also silicone or rather a different material such as PVC?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Ansley Ansley
I personally wouldn't mix PVC with Silicone, but that's because I'd be afraid the PVC would "melt". But as long as you don't store silicone on top of silicone that should be fine. As for the size, that really all depends on what you think you can handle. Perhaps you should try one of the plastic traditional vibes in a couple of different girths to see if that's something you can handle, then invest in a silicone dildo of around the same width.

That's just what I would do! I'm sure others will have different suggestions.
dv8 dv8
You can use it on a glass dildo.
veggieguy veggieguy
I'm afraid a glass dildo would make the inside too hard - otherwise glass would be a good idea of course.

Maybe I'll still try to use it with a smaller PVC dildo (or whatever the average dildo material is), which I do not use anyway.
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