Something very wrong with your support ticket staff

Something very wrong with your support ticket staff

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I put in an order for some toys as a present for my partner and received this ticket from edenfantasys customer support:

Dear X,

Unfortunately, we are unable to authorize or verify some credit cards drawn on international banks. To ensure the security of our customers, we are only able to process this order if the following steps are taken:

please submit a support ticket with front and back copy of the credit card you used for the transaction and a copy of your personal ID

Please note that your account has not been charged, nor will your order be shipped until the billing information has been verified.

Thank you,
Customer Service,

I've had to verify my card with online retailers once or twice before, but they've all been reasonable and safe requests (like a picture of my bank card with everything but the last four digits and name blacked out).

According to edenfantasys customer support, 'to ensure my security' I need to send to a complete stranger on the internet my:

Bank card number, security code, name and expiry date (including the address they already have/that's on my ID, everything needed to make purchases).
My bank account ID number
The bank I'm with
My full name and legal gender
My signature
My date of birth
My place of birth
My licence number
And a photo of my face

So everything needed to steal a person's money, guess a majority of people's email passwords and cold call businesses to gain access to your accounts.

I then replied to the support ticket stating that it was horribly inappropriate to ask for that kind of material and that I'd like to cancel my order and in response... I got the exact same message back.

So the only options here seem to be whoever is running customer support for Edenfantasys is either trying to steal from your customers, or is quite likely the most amazingly incompetent and unprofessional customer support provider in history. Neither are particularly encouraging.
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Can you use PayPal?
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Originally posted by dv8
Can you use PayPal?
Yes, but that doesn't have any bearing on the topic.

Whether or not I can complete my purchase isn't the issue (and I've no interest in doing that now anyway), the incredibly unprofessional and outright suspicious conduct of edenfantasys' customer support is.
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