What is it with men and strip clubs?

What is it with men and strip clubs?

F1akaLuvsE.F F1akaLuvsE.F
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My husband and i were talking about spicing up our love life and outta nowhere he sais hes never been to a strip club and he wants to go. Hmmm ive always had a very strong opinion regaurding strip clubs, im not all for it, i belive why go see something you could see at home? Well i started questioning my opinion last night and now im wondering, what is it with men and strip clubs? Soo heres my question for all of you, anyone that has an opinion on the subject or anything to say, why is it so important for every man to visit a strip club at least once in their lifetime? Do you like strip clubs? If so why? Do you think going to the strip club with your partner is wrong or are you ok with it? And the big question , WHY IS A STRIP CLUB SO AROUSING TO MOST MEN? WHAT SATASFACTION DO YOU GET OUT OF IT?
Thats all i have to say for now but please feel free to give all your opinions. Thank you
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Beautiful-Disaster Beautiful-Disaster
i guess men enjoy seeing a bunch of naked women whenever they want... especially when those women are grinding up on em.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
It's part of cultural expectation: "You haven't experienced Everything unless you (insert whatever activity here)." Besides, you never know what reaction he'll have - some are hot to go again, others decide that the fantasy is better than reality.

Personally, all jiggling flesh looked the same to me the one time I went with my boyfriend (his friends treated him for his birthday). It's an experience is all I can say. C said that he couldn't get aroused in such a place (too noisy and crowded), so he's rather indifferent about going to them anyway.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I'm not really a fan of strip clubs. If I wouldn't have been invited to a couple of bachelor parties, I would probably never have went. It's just a big tease to me. Why pay money for blue balls, ya know?

Speaking as a person, people get used to what they see all the time. Looking at a different person naked is just that, a different person. I wouldn't take it personal or compare strippers to girlfriends.
shorejen9 shorejen9
My husband has never been to one and has no desire to go. He doesn't get why you would waste money on bad drinks and getting sexually frustrated. I have never been either.
P'Gell P'Gell
My husband has gone to a few over the years. Usually while on a business trip entertaining male customers or during bachelor parties.

He says he enjoys them, but it isn't a huge deal.

A while ago I took a bath with salts, used my scented soap, then put on scented cream and spray. He came in the room and said, "Damn, Woman! You ever been backstage in a Titty Bar right before the girls go on? That's what this bathroom smells like."

No. I have never been backstage of of "Titty Bar" right before the girls go on. Maybe he has. Evidently.

I asked him if it was a good smell or not so good. He said it was nice, but kind of strong.

I went to The Sugar Shack once when I was about 19 or so. Naked men. It was years ago, and my friends and I got invited to an after party by some of the dancers. We said no. I always wondered what would have happened. It was fun, but not something I ever needed to experience again. I'm glad I did it, but it was a Once in a Lifetime thing.
Trysexual Trysexual
I think its fine to go with your partner...nothing to lose. I don't go to strip clubs regularly, but I've been a handful of times. Men like to see sexy women naked...plain and simple. That said, strip clubs are an illusion and I don't go, because it feels like you are getting hustled. If you have money to blow, that's another story I guess, but There's nothing really wrong with going to one now and then.
FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
I've never been to a strip club and never want to.
No-nita No-nita
Here's the thing: It isn't important. Your partner's desire to look at naked strangers does not override your comfort levels and what you would or would not be okay with your partner doing. If your partner really wants to go, but you are uncomfortable with it, he ought to respect that. I think it's more important to worry about your partner's boundaries in a relationship than to fulfill a fantasy when you know it would make them upset. Priorities, you know?

Not to mention, most women can go their entire lives without seeking out male strippers. And it's not like women don't like sex just as much as men do, as evidenced by all the activity on Eden Fantasys! Haha. So if a woman can go through life without feeling like she is missing some sort of fundamental experience, a dude will not die from missing out on a strip club.

Everyone's comfort levels are different, but yeah. When you're in a relationship, you absolutely have to consider your partner's feelings when you do stuff like this.
F1akaLuvsE.F F1akaLuvsE.F
Thank you to every one for sharing your opinions, I think I am a little bit more comfertable on the subject
I have an idea and im hopeing it works, soo I bought a wig, I got a stripper pole ,aside from the topic ive been wanting one for exersise,, and a sexy outfit! You get the picture soo lets see what happens
Missy27 Missy27
Originally posted by F1akaLuvsE.F
Thank you to every one for sharing your opinions, I think I am a little bit more comfertable on the subject
I have an idea and im hopeing it works, soo I bought a wig, I got a stripper pole ,aside from the topic ive been wanting one for exersise,, ...
Let us know how it works out.
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