Noob Noob
I want to return my order, but I don't know how, and is it free return I'm dumb and I didn't take a good look at the sizing of the toy do it's way big for me a beginner
Feb 2, 2:37 pm
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kat434 kat434
This page has all you need to know.


In most cases, this page indicates that all sales are final. Note that it says that they “do not accept satisfaction returns,” so basically no buyer’s remorse. This is why reviews here include exact measurements of toys to reduce the chance of someone buying something that’s too big or too uncomfortable for them.

I’m sorry that your toy didn’t work out.
Feb 2, 11:37 pm
GingerAnn GingerAnn
Dear Noob,
I was told that Customer Service is taking care of your complaint. Hope the issue will be resolved in no time.

Best of luck
Feb 13, 5:47 am
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