#AskEden - Can there be an SOP for extra tape to be used for international packages?

#AskEden - Can there be an SOP for extra tape to be used for international packages?

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Basically, my topic question says it all.

My problem is, when I receive my package, sometimes the toy will be out of it's box inside the package, but because of how the package is handled during transport, the tape does not cover all the flaps resulting in sometimes, toys handing out of the package. And the way they pick up the box, the tape tears leaving the top flaps closed, but the side flaps- I can always fit my arm under the top taped flaps from one side to the other. It's kind of lacking in discretion when I go to the mail room to pick up my parcel and out drops a vibrator.

Can it be a standard to use extra tape for international packages?

I know you might simply say, "contact customer service" or "submit a ticket"... this is how it usually works.

I place an order before lunch time in my time zone which means it is mid-night for everyone over there. If I submit a ticket, it is usually not responded to till after the parcel is sent out. I get confirmation that my order has been shipped while I am sleeping but it is your day time over there. This is why I am asking if it could just be a standard operating procedure.
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