#EdenPrograms - Review Program - Buyout Reviews (On-Site)

#EdenPrograms - Review Program - Buyout Reviews (On-Site)

Sammi Sammi
Buyout reviews can only be done by Advanced level contributors. We offer a 30% discount on an item you purchase in exchange for a review on that item. The item does not need to be in your price range, and the number of reviews on that item doesn’t affect your ability to request the item for buyout. You may request up to six items for buyout review at a time; however, you will not be able to request future items for buyout until all previous items have been reviewed.

Selecting a Product to Review
First, make sure you are signed in to your account. Next, find the product page for an item you wish to receive for review. Now click on "Grab It" in the upper right hand corner of the screen to add this product to your "Assignment Cart".

If the item is available in different options (smell, color, size), select the appropriate option and click “Ok”.

You’ll see a green check mark and the word “Added”, which lets you know you’ve grabbed the product successfully. Click on "Assignment Cart" (right next to the “Added” button). This will take you to your item cart.

Click on “Request Assignment”.

For the assignment type, choose “Buy out assignment (30% Discount will be generated)” and click Submit.

This will generate a 30% discount on the product and add it to your Shopping cart. If you are selecting more buyout assignments, repeat the previous steps. When you’re done, choose your shipping method and click “Checkout” to begin the checkout process.
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Sammi Sammi
Writing the Review
First, make sure you are signed in to your account. From any page, click on the Assignment Cart button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

This will take you to your assignment cart. Find the product you requested as a buyout assignment, and click Write Review.

For the location of review, select “Review will be displayed on EdenFantasys.com.” For the review template, choose Standard (better for free-form writing) or Extended (better for more detailed sections). Some products will only have the Standard option available. Click “Submit” when you’re ready to continue. Note: You can change the review template until you start writing. Once you save a draft of your review, you are committed to use that template.

Please remember to fill in all required fields, including: Stars, Vrooms, Bees, main body or required sections, Pros, Cons, and Summary. Select relevant tags that are applicable to your product.

You must complete an HONEST review of the product that you are reviewing. You should choose a short but fitting title for your review that sets the tone of what you are saying. The main body or sections of your review should be about the functions, and your impressions, of the toy. The Experience section can include an account of when you used the toy. The Pros and Cons sections should be just a few solid points about the toy. The Summary is very important as it is essentially an introduction; it lives above your review on the website and is easily the most influential portion of your review. The summary is 1-3 sentences of the review; how you felt about the product overall, whether you would recommend it, and a highlight/lowlight, etc - it should not be a copy/pasted portion of review.

We want your honest opinion; please do not make your review sound like you are trying to "sell" the toy. This is our job, not yours. Please feel free to make your review positive, negative or neutral; however, if you were unhappy with the product, we ask that you provide creative criticism.

We'd like your review to be well thought-out, and include the proper use of grammar. Please copy-edit your review before turning it in to us. If your rank is high enough, your review will not be edited before it goes live on the site. If your rank is below 5.6, the review will be edited before it goes live, but remember that our editors are not your high school English teachers; they shouldn't have to spend a lot of time correcting your grammar and spelling. Also, most word processing programs come with a spell checker; please make use of it. If your review is riddled with errors, it will be sent back to you for revision.

Affiliate links are not allowed in on-site reviews.

Once you have done this, read over, and spell checked your review, check which notification options you would like, and click either “Submit to editor” (the button you will see if you are don’t have the minimum rank to publish)

or “Publish” (the button you will see if you are above a 5.5).

You may also choose to save to draft and preview if you plan to make changes later.

If the review has been submitted to an editor, it will be edited and then published; you will receive notification when the review goes live on the site. Once the review goes live, you can find it on your contributor page, on the product page, and under the product type on the sex toy review page.
CuteDee CuteDee
I LOVE the buy out option!! = )
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
Originally posted by CuteDee
I LOVE the buy out option!! = )
Me, too! Being a beginner, the discount makes me more willing to try something new. And man am I glad of that!
lovesexandmarriage lovesexandmarriage
I do reviews on just about everything I buy here at EF. Never realized this is what the "buyout" option was for! Goodness, have I been missing out!!
RedGlitter RedGlitter
I would LOVE to try this option!! I guess I may not be "advanced" enough to request it , but once I am--yay!
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