Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy

tooshy tooshy
How secure and safe is my identity, my privacy and my personal information? I don't want ANYONE to connect the dots with my identity.
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gone77 gone77
Originally posted by tooshy
How secure and safe is my identity, my privacy and my personal information? I don't want ANYONE to connect the dots with my identity.
Hi, Tooshy!

We take our customers' and contributor's privacy very seriously. I'm going to paste our Privacy Policy here for you:

Ordering information privacy policy

- We at will like to assure you that any information given to us is very secure. All information at that point is only shown to our administrators who then use that information for ordering and verification purposes.

- Any information given to us is never sold, traded, loaned or shared with any third parties besides the issuing bank of the credit card used to purchase for verification purposes only.

- We use encryption software for all data put into our customers on our site. You must be aware that when you click on hyperlinks and/or banners of third party websites, you are governed under the privacy practices and policies of that website. Once in a foreign webpage, we are not liable for the actions of that party.

- When placing an order with us your personal and financial information is encrypted on our website using the best encryption software SSL (secure socket layer) and you are on a secure site. VeriSign is the verification source to ensure you that our site is secure.

- While we use SSL encryption to protect sensitive information online, we also do everything in our power to protect user information offline.

- If you have any questions about the security at our Web site, you can submit a Support Ticket.

Discreet billing and shipping information

- We ship our products in plain brown or white boxes. The sender on the shipping label will be Web Merchants Inc.

- "WM8003509050NJ" is what will appear on your credit card statement.

Also, I suggest reading about Our Commitment to Privacy.

If either does not satisfy your concerns, I recommend submitting a support ticket as it suggests above.
tooshy tooshy
Thanks, I know all my ordering is secure, but was wondering if the forum and my profile is as secure.
gone77 gone77
The forum and your profile are as secure as you make it. What I mean by this, is that the only way someone could make a connection to your real identity based on your posts in the forum and your profile is through any personal information you divulge in these areas yourself. Your real name and address, if on file, can only be accessed by admins and are never displayed on your profile or on the forum.
Peggi Peggi
Agreed, this is one of the safest sites I've come across, I am extremely paranoid to give out personal information online and I've never shopped for adult toys through a website that would deliver them to my home until I visited EdenFantasys. This site is extremely secure as far as your information is concerned and you can add as little or as much information on your profile as you'd like. Personal information (that you give the admins for ordering) does not show up to other members here, for example, you could go to my profile and not see my address, phone number, etc., unless I specifically add that on there (for what reason one would do that, I do not know!) and unless someone comes across your profile and you've given out specifics, such as "I work here" or "my name is" or "my partners name is" and information like that, there's no way to really trace it back to you!
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